Toure's fury over racist chants

Manchester City's Yaya Toure has called on football authorities to tackle racism after he was subjected to monkey chants by CSKA Moscow fans in a Champions League match in Russia last night. The club will make a formal complaint to Uefa later today.

Platini orders 'chanting' investigation

UEFA president Michel Platini has ordered an immediate internal investigation into the failure to follow proper protocol in dealing with the alleged racist abuse of Yaya Toure by CSKA Moscow fans.

The European governing body has already charged the Russian club with the "racist behaviour of their fans" after Manchester City's Toure complained of monkey chants directed at him during the Champions League match on Wednesday night.

UEFA issued another statement on on Friday which read:

"Further to the opening of disciplinary proceedings against CSKA Moscow following the alleged racist behaviour of some of their supporters at the UEFA Champions League match between CSKA and Manchester City FC on 23 October, UEFA president Michel Platini has requested that the UEFA administration immediately conduct an internal investigation to understand why the three-step protocol established to deal with incidents of a racist nature was not implemented."



Toure puts faith in authorities to deal with racism

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has said he has faith in the football authority Uefa to punish CSKA Moscow after some of their fans racially abused him during a Champions League match last night:


Thank you for your support! Hate or racism cannot affect me when so many people are showing me love and support on a daily basis!


I believe in football institutions, I know decision makers will take their responsibilties and show A RED CARD TO RACISM


Pellegrini: Racist chants are 'a pity for Moscow'

The Manchester City coach has said that it is "a pity" for Moscow after black player Yaya Toure was subjected to racist chants during a match in the city.

Manuel Pellegrini said:

"Well, I didn't know what happened, they just tell me there were some shouts against Yaya Toure, I think its a pity that they continue with that stupid things and I hope that would have hear (heard) the right message to finish all the things, it's a pity for Yaya, its a pity for the city I think."

The CSK Moscow coach Leonid Slutsky denied hearing any abuse, saying: "I haven't heard anything, I was watching the game".

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Man City captain calls for Uefa to act on racist chants

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany called on Uefa to act against racist chants, after Yaya Toure was racially abused by fans during a game with CSKA Moscow.


Racist chants again in Moscow today.. We've all said enough. @uefacom, @governmentrf, CSKA, all eyes are on you now.. #StopRacism

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Manchester City's Toure victim of racist chanting

Manchester City's Yaya Toure was racially abused by fans from CSKA Moscow in a game this evening. The BBC reported that chants could be heard from some CSKA supporters in the Khimki Arena.

Manchester City's Yaya Toure has called on Uefa to act on racist chanting, after he was targeted in Russia. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Speaking after the game he called for Uefa to do more to tackle racism from the stands. In an interview with Sky Sports News Toure said he told the referee fans were chanting racial abuse, and nothing was done about it. He said:

"Yes, of course I told him [the referee]. It was disappointing. We are always talking about no racism and they continue to do it again - it was unbelievable.

"I think Uefa has to be stronger, and hold all the clubs and all the fans that do that [responsible].

"As an African player, it is always sad when you hear something like that."