Susan May memorial service

Susan May, who was campaigning to clear her name after being jailed for murdering her elderly aunt, has died before hearing if she would be allowed to appeal for the third time.

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Memorial service for Susan May

Susan May Credit: ITV Granada

A memorial service has been held for a woman from Oldham who died trying to clear her name.

Susan May served 12 years in prison for killing her aunt in 1993, a crime she claimed she didn't commit has died.

Friends and family will hold the service later today.


Susan May's death - comment from the Criminal Cases Review Commission

The Commission is very sorry to learn of Susan May’s death. It may be too early for Mrs May’s friends and family to want to think about or discuss what will happen now in relation to the CCRC’s review of the case._

We will of course be willing to discuss this with them whenever they are ready to do so. In the meantime, we will be continuing with the review of Mrs May’s conviction as before._


We are making progress in considering Arie Zeelenberg's report, with the help of another forensic expert. This is normal practice. We are continuing to work as quickly as we can and to make progress.



– Sally Berlin, Crimimal Cases Review Commission
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