Brothers' aid mission to disaster zone

Blackpool man Luke Sumner had planned a holiday to the Philippines with his brother, but now their bags will be packed with vital supplies.

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Brothers vow to do "whatever it takes to help"

This typhoon has killed thousands and wiped out whole villages and towns.

“Instead of luggage I will be taking a back-pack full of medical supplies, clothes for the Filipinos and vitamin tablets.

– Luke Sumner

Luke, 32, is a cardiac ICU nurse at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and is also prepared to offer his skills and expertise to help the wounded.

“It is my job as a nurse to see people who are not well, and even deal with tragic circumstances, but this will be on such a big scale with limited hospital support.

Everything has been destroyed.”

– Luke Sumner

Brothers' aid mission to disaster zone

Luke Sumner has vowed to help. Credit: Blackpool Gazette

A Blackpool man who is due to set off on a backpacking trip to the Philippines has decided to turn his holiday into an aid mission in the wake of deadly Typhoon Haiyan.

Luke Sumner booked his trip five months ago and was due to go with his brother James, who lives in New Zealand.

Now they have decided to make their two-week holiday a humanitarian mission to help those left bereaved, injured and homeless by the storm.

And rather than clothes, the brothers will take bags full of medical supplies to help the people left with nothing.


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