Anti-fracking protest in Salford

Anti-fracking activists and Salford residents are protesting and attempting to halt work at a drilling site in Barton Moss.

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  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Police presence at anti-fracking demo is 'overkill', says MP

Police and protesters at Barton Moss Credit: ITV Grananda

MP for Worsley and Eccles South Barbara Keeley has criticised the scale of the police presence at the anti-fracking protest at Barton Moss.

Ms Keeley questioned the need for 150 specialist officers plus local officers from Greater Manchester Police at what is she called 'a very small protest'.

She said: '"I am worried that crime could rise locally as a result of our Greater Manchester police officers spending time at the Barton Moss protest rather than patrolling in our local communities.

“The scale and cost of the police force being used at the protest is an issue for tax-payers."

Greater Manchester Police however have rejected Ms Keeley's claims and says the number of officers at the protest is 'safe and sensible'

Stand-off at anti-fracking protest in Salford

There has been a tense stand-off between anti-fracking protestors and police at a site in Salford.

Energy company IGas is preparing to start drilling in Barton Moss to see what type of gas or oil can be found.

But campaigners say they are worried about the environmental impact and are pledging to disrupt the process.

Elaine Willcox reports.


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