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The trial of two men accused of murdering Fusilier Lee Rigby is underway at the Old Bailey. The soldier from Middleton was killed returning to barracks in Woolwich.

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Day five of Rigby murder trial at the Old Bailey

The jury at the Old Bailey has heard that Fusilier Lee Rigby was still alive after he'd been struck by a car driven by the two men accused of killing him.

Michael Adebolajo told Met Police the attack on the young soldier was nothing personal and that he had no vendetta against Fusilier Rigby's family.

His statements came on the final day of evidence by the prosecution against Adebolajo and his co-accused Michael Adebowale.


Extremist material 'found at home of suspect's father'

Jurors in the Lee Rigby murder trial have been told extremist material, which the prosecution claims belongs to defendant Michael Adebolajo, was found when they searched his father's house.

This included one book called Extreme Islam, in which the passages "Allah does not like any drop more than the drop of blood shed in his way" and "Martyrdom means transfusion of blood into society" had been highlighted.

The memory card in his BlackBerry phone also contained documents and lectures on the same topics, the court heard.

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Suspect: Rigby 'like the non-Muslim version of myself'


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Adebolajo: "It was almost as if Allah had chosen him"

The Lee Rigby murder trial about to get underway, delayed by an hour after a juror mistook the start time.

During a police interview Michael Adebolajo said it "just so happened Lee Rigby was the soldier we spotted first. Almost as 'if Allah had chosen him."

Lee Rigby Credit: Police

Michael Adebolajo said he could see Lee Rigby was still alive after they hit him with a car. The most humane way to kill is to cut the neck.

The family of Lee Rigby were listening as Michael Adebolajo described how he killed the soldier and said he didn't want to cause him pain.

Michael Adebolajo kept referring to the family of Lee Rigby - his relatives were watching intently, some shaking their heads.

Lee Rigby's family arriving at court Credit: ITV Granada
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Day five of Lee Rigby murder trial at the Old Bailey

Lee Rigby's parents, sister Sara and his fiancee Aimee West are back at the Old Bailey as the prosecution expects to finish its part of the case today.

A number of jurors were seen in tears yesterday in court, looking at a series of exhibits including bloodstained knives and a machete and the Fusilier's clothing.

The jury will be shown more police interviews with one of the defendants Michael Adebolajo.

A number of recordings was shown to the court of him being interviewed.

He told officers he was a 'soldier of Allah' in a war between Muslims and the British people.

He walked out of police interviews when he was asked why he'd killed Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Lee Rigby trial set to continue

The trial of 2 men accused of killing Fusilier Lee Rigby is due to hear more evidence later.

He died near his barracks in Woolwich.

A jury's heard Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale showed "no regret or remorse" while being interviewed by a forensic psychologist.

They both deny murder.

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