Pensioner tells of robbery ordeal

A 74 year old woman tied up on her stairlift tells how 2 men demanded cash or I'll cut your finger off

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Woman tied to stairlift as thieves ransack her home

The robbery took place at 7pm when the 74 year old answered a knock at the door of her home in Morecambe. 2 men pushed her over before binding her arms and tying her to her stair lift. The men ransacked her home stealing a quantity of money and some personal items of great sentimental value.

Both offenders are described as white, well-built and wearing hats. One man was around 6ft tall and the second man was shorter at around 5ft8”. Both covered their faces during the attack.

This was a most despicable attack on a vulnerable and defenceless elderly woman in the run up to Christmas.

“The level of violence used was completely unnecessary causing the lady to suffer bruising to her wrists and arms.

– Detective Inspector Andy Bunn, Lancashire Police
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