Arson destroys boy's surprise treat

An arson attack which destroyed a sensory room built as a Christmas present for a severely autistic boy has been condemned as a "disgusting and cowardly crime".

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Family thank community after arson attack

Harvey Ratcliff and his dad Wesley Credit: Granada Reports
Harvey Ratcliff has a rare genetic condition

The family of Harvey Ratcliff have thanked their local community in Wythenshawe, Manchester after they offered to rebuild his sensory room.

Harvey's parents spent weeks building the specially designed room as a Christmas Day surprise for their son, who suffers with severe autism.

But they awoke on Christmas morning to discover it had been destroyed by arsonists.


Family overwhelmed by kindness of strangers after arson attack

The family of a 7-year-old autistic boy, whose brand new sensory room was destroyed by arsonists, have thanked their local community for their support.

Harvey Ratcliff, from Manchester, suffers from a rare condition which means he is unable to communicate.

His parents spent weeks transforming a garden shed into a sensory room as a Christmas surprise, but on Christmas morning they discovered the shed, along with a guinea pig hutch had been set alight by arsonists.

Wesley Ratcliff, Harvey's father, said: "We were totally devastated. It was meant to be a dream present for Harvey and it would have made a big difference to him. We've had lots of support from the local community and it is really overwhelming. We're really grateful for the support we've had."

"We're really grateful for the support we've had."

– Wesley Ratcliff
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