Police search at anti-fracking camp

Police are searching an anti-fracking camp at Barton Moss after a flare was fired at the police helicopter.

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Police search after flare fired at helicopter

Police are searching an area around Barton Moss after a distress flare was fired at the police helicopter.

The flare was fired directly into the path of the helicopter, while it landed at Barton Airfield.

The aircrew claim it was fired from the nearby anti-fracking protest camp.

Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts said:

This is was an unbelievably stupid act of criminality which was extremely dangerous, not only for the police helicopter, but all other aircraft that use the nearby Barton airfields and the wider public.

Had this flare caused an emergency situation it would not only have been catastrophic for the aircraft and its crew but potentially for numerous homes near the airfield, the M62 motorway and a children's residential facility.

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