Pupils vanish from school

A 16-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl are believed to be abroad after vanishing from Stonyhurst College near Clitheroe.

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Police 'making good progress' in search for Stonyhurst runaways

Stonyhurst in Clitheroe

Police are making "good progress" in attempts to contact two teenagers who vanished from Stonyhurst School in the middle of the night to fly to the Caribbean, a senior teacher at the school said.

Edward Bunyan and Indira Gainiyeva, both 16, are thought to have vanished at around 3am on Monday morning from Stonyhurst College.They apparently ordered a taxi together to Manchester Airport, where they caught a flight to the Dominican Republic.

The college's second master Matthew Mostyn said: "At the moment the police are working closely with the families and we are doing all we can to help with that. I believe that they are making good progress in making contact with them but I don't know what conversations have taken place."

He said the pupils had been checked on at night and were discovered to be missing in the morning."Short of checking them at regular intervals during the night there's not a great deal more that we could have done in that respect," he said.

"But clearly we need to look at any ways that we can improve security to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again."Fellow pupils took to social media - using the hashtags #WheresBunyan and #WheresIndira - to try to find news of their friends.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "We do know they are in the Dominican Republic but, as to their exact location, inquiries are continuing to try and trace them."

School 'extremely worried' about runaway couple

A senior teacher at a Catholic private school where two teenagers have ran away from has said the school is "extremely worried" about the pair.

Edward Bunyan and Indira Gainiyeva, both 16, left Stonyhurst College at around 3am on Monday before flying to the Dominican Republic.

Mr Matthew Mostyn said it was an "immensely distressing" period for the families of the teenagers, and that no one would relax until the pair are back in England.


'Lovestruck' pupils sneak away from school

Boarding school issues statement

Stonyhurst Boarding School in Lancashire has issued a statement after two of their pupils went missing on Monday. It reads:

Two of our sixth formers left the College during the course of Monday morning and we have been working closely with their families and with the police since then. We understand from the police that they may be overseas, and we are awaiting more news. Our main concern is to be sure that they are safe and sound, and to reunite them with their families as soon as possible.

– Stoneyhurst statement

Teenagers missing from Lancashire boarding school

Lancashire police are trying to trace a 16 year old boy and a 16 year old girl who're missing from Stonyhurst College near Clitheroe.

Both are boarding pupils at the school.

Officers say,They were last seen at shortly before 3am on Monday, January 13th at Manchester Airport and it is believed the pair may have travelled abroad.

“We are carrying out a number of inquiries to try and trace them to ensure that they are safe and well. Their families have been informed and are being kept fully up to date.

Stonyhurst College public school near Clitheroe


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