Syrian chemicals taken to Ellesmere Port

Around 150 tonnes of chemicals from Syria will be destroyed at a processing plant in Ellesmere Port

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Council reassures residents over Syrian weapons waste

Cheshire West Council has reassured residents of their safety after it was revealed a firm in Ellesmere Port is to destroy chemicals from Syria's chemical weapons stockpile.

Veolia environmental services will incinerate 150 tonnes of the chemicals known as "B Precursors".

In a statement the authority insisted the waste was not weapons and did not include explosives.

It said the destruction was not due until the end of February and it would be seeking approval from health protection experts before going ahead

Council statement on Syrian chemicals at Ellesmere Port

Cheshire West and Chester Council has released a statement following the announcement that Syrian chemicals will be destroyed at a plant in Ellesmere Port.

The council says the chemicals are not weapons, and contain no explosives.

Councillor Lynn Riley said:

“We have asked Veolia whether we can have a list of such chemicals for disposal so that we can independently have those reviewed by Health Protection England to satisfy ourselves that the materials will provide no increased risk to the public.

“I understand that any treatment of such chemicals will not take place until the end of February which will provide us sufficient time, once aware of the materials themselves, to seek the expert observations of independent Health Protection Specialists.”

– Councillor Lynn Riley


Syrian chemicals to be destroyed in Ellesmere Port

Around 150 tonnes of chemicals from Syria will be destroyed at a processing plant in Ellesmere Port.

The "B Precusor" chemicals are similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemicals that are destroyed routinely at the plant.

Plant owners Veolia said:

"We are pleased to have been selected by the British Governmentto support this important initiative which will see our Ellesmere Port facilitydirectly involved at the start of the implementation of the internationalmission to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons programme.

“We will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Defence andrelevant UK authorities to ensure the safe destruction of these chemicals inline with our high environmental, health, safety and operating standards.”

– Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia Environnement Executive Vice-President
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