Cregan's mother and GMP call handler cleared of all charges

Dale Cregan's mother, Anita Cregan and two others have been cleared of all charges.

GMP dismisses call handler involved in Cregan case

Kathryn Smith was cleared off all charges but she has been dismissed by GMP Credit: PA

Greater Manchester Police has announced that despite being cleared off all charges, Kathryn Smith's actions where "below the standards expected of their staff" and she has been dismissed.

In a official statement Greater Manchester Police said:

" The actions of the staff member (Kathryn Smith) in disclosing confidential police information and compromising a member of the public, who had the right to expect that information to be kept secure, clearly fell far below the standards we expect from our staff".


All defendants cleared of all charges in Cregan trial

All three defendants, facing various charges in relation to the Dale Cregan murder case, have been cleared of all charges.

The defendants included Anita Cregan, Dale Cregan's Mother who was accused of aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office by getting secret information from a police worker.

Anita Cregan found not guilty of identifying an informant who helped in the hunt for Dale Credit: PA

Kathryn Smith, 25, a civilian call handler with Greater Manchester Police. She was cleared of allegedly using the police's computer systems while on her shift at force HQ to check developments in the hunt, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Kathryn Smith was also cleared of all charges. Credit: PA

She was accused of passing the information on to her then boyfriend Sean Booth, 31, who lived on the same street and grew up with Cregan.

Sean Booth has also been cleared of all charges.

Police call handler accused of passing on information during Cregan manhunt

The trial has started of a police call handler who's accused of secretly giving information to the family of Dale Cregan, at the time Cregan was on the run after murdering a father and son.

It's alleged Kathryn Smith abused her position of trust within Greater Manchester Police because her boyfriend was a lifelong friend of Cregan.

She's on trial with two other people, one of them Cregan's mum Anita.


Call handler 'monitored armed police' during Cregan man hunt


Jury shown maps used by police call handlers of incident logs. Prosecution say Kathryn Smith activated them while police searched for Cregan


Prosecution say Kathryn Smith monitored police resources, including the whereabouts of armed officers in Droylsden area during manhunt


Prosecution say call handler Kathryn Smith repeatedly monitored Sutton Drive where Dale Cregan's family lived even though she wasn't allowed

Court hears Dale Cregan's mother's house was bugged


Trial of 3 people accused of using police information during the hunt for Dale Cregan told his mother Anita's house had been bugged


Trial told Kathryn Smith a police call handler had 'no business' monitoring incidents in the Droylsden area, during hunt for Dale Cregan

Dale Cregan's mother on trial


Dale Cregan's mother Anita and a call handler at Greater Manchester Police accused of conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office

A jury has been sworn in for the trial of the mother of Dale Cregan and two other people accused of asking for and disclosing information from the police and misconduct in a public office.


Jury told Kathryn Smith had been employed by Greater Manchester Police since 2008 and was a call handler. Her boyfriend knew Dale Cregan


Police call handler's boyfriend Sean Booth had grown up with Dale Cregan. His mother Anita Cregan's house had been bugged with hidden mic