Inquests into the deaths of 96 victims of Hillsborough disaster

All the latest from the inquests into the deaths of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster that are taking place at a purpose-built Coroner's Court in Warrington.

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Former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish tells inquests about 'mayhem' at Hillsborough

The former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish today remembered what he called the mayhem at Hillsborough. Mr Dalglish, who was in charge on the day of the disaster, was giving evidence at the fresh inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans. He told the court that he wouldn't have objected if he'd been asked to delay the kick-off. Watch our report on today's hearing from our Hillsborough Correspondent Andy Bonner.

Kenny Dalglish gives evidence at Hillsborough inquests

The focus was on the game. We were watching what we were doing during the game. Mr Dalglish noticed a few people behind the Liverpool goal just before the referee stopped the match.

Mr Dalglish says he had no understanding of the cause, extent or seriousness of the problem as he returned to dressing room

We were told there were fatalities… we knew it wasn’t people fighting or hooliganism. The place was just mayhem. Nobody really knows what’s going on. So there's stories coming from every angle.

– Kenny Dalglish

Mr Dalglish said his son was at the game and he was concerned about him - on the way home he said "there was 'hardly a word spoken' on the team bus on the way home."


Witness 'was only ambulance officer' in casualty area at Hillsborough

A witness has told a court he was the was the only ambulance officer in the casualty clearing area in the immediate aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.

The inquests heard that Anthony Boyington, who received extended training during his time at South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, was directed to the Sheffield Wednesday gym by a station officer.

Mr Boyington said:

I remember looking around to see if there were any more SYMAS personnel in there. In particular, I was looking for an officer who should in theory have been in there organising the casualty clearing but there was no such officer.

– Anthony Boyington

The court heard how Mr Boyington arrived to a scene of "utter chaos" after having to travel over a central reservation to initially get to the ground. The witness added that he had to decide to leave a casualty behind so that he could concentrate on treating two men who had already been put into his ambulance.

Kenny Dalglish to appear at Hillsborough inquests

Kenny Dalglish at Hillsborough Credit: ITV

Former Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish will give evidence at the Hillsborough inquests in Warrington today. He was in charge of the club at the time of the disaster on April 15, 1989 when 96 fans died.

The jury at the hearings in Birchwood Park in the inquests have already heard how Dalglish, who returned to manage the club in 2011, spoke to fans after the match was called off.

Coroner Lord Justice Goldring said: “At 3.56pm, Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool manager, broadcast a message to all fans.“He asked them to remain calm and in their seats. “The police had asked him to do so. Fans on both sides received the broadcast in the right spirit.”

Click here to follow Andy Bonner reporting from the inquests.


Hillsborough Inquests to continue for another year

Lord Justice Goldring, Coroner at the Hillsborough Inquests Credit: Judicial Office:Crown Copyright

The jury at the Hillsborough inquests in Warrington has been told that the hearing is likely to continue for another year.

The coroner, Lord Justice Goldring, told the jury of seven women and four men:

As you will appreciate in these inquests we are covering a huge amount of ground. I'm conscious that we’re taking longer than we originally anticipated.

What is clear is that there must be a real risk that the inquests will not be completed until the early part of 2016.

– Lord Justice Goldring, Coroner at theHillsborough Inquests

The fresh inquests into the 96 men, women and children who died at Liverpool's 1989 FA Cup semi-final were originally scheduled to have finished by this Christmas.

The inquests are expected to move into a new phase during March 2015 which will detail the final movements of the 96 and medical evidence about how they died.

Former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is expected to take to the witness stand tomorrow afternoon before the hearing takes a two-week break.

Police officer's tears as he tells Hillsborough jury of 'bodies lying in the pens'

A retired police officer has broken down in tears as he recalled seeing bodies lying in the pens at Hillsborough.

The fresh inquests heard that Robert Washington was wrongly told there had been a pitch invasion as he was instructed to go on to the pitch.

The court heard the former constable had been working near the turnstiles when he saw exit gate C had been opened to allow fans in.

I couldn't believe it.

"I was stunned that so many people had just come in like a bottle of champagne.

"Everybody just spilled in through the open gate.

"And obviously because of the pressure, people were moving quickly, running into the ground and some people fell on the floor."

– Robert Washington

Mr Washington said the vast majority of fans went straight down the tunnel towards the central pens.

Kenny Dalglish to give evidence to the Hillsborough inquests next week

Former Liverpool manager, Kenny Dalglish, who was the club’s manager at the time of the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989, will give evidence to the inquests next Friday, December 19.

Inquests hear police riot van blocked an ambulance route during the disaster.

Spion Kop from Penistone Road Credit: Hillsborough Inquests

A court's heard that a police riot van was blocking a designated ambulance route during the Hillsborough disaster.

Trevor Dale, from South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, told the inquests that the plan in a major incident was for ambulances to collect patients from the club gymnasium using a one way system between two gates on Penistone Road.

Mr Dale, a divisional superintendent of operations in 1989, said there was some access at both gates but ambulances could not be driven through because a police riot van was parked there.

The witness said the vehicles had to reverse into the gates but that lead to fans bringing some casualties directly to ambulances without having been assessed.

Asked if it was disorganised, Mr Dale replied: "It was disorganised like any major incident is to start with. But I thought we soon got on top of things and it became very organised."

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