John Bishop donates £96,000 to Hillsborough campaign

The Liverpool-born comedian John Bishop has donated £96,000 to the Hillsborough Families Support Group

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John Bishop explains why 'private' donation became public

John Bishop has responded to criticism for making his £96,000 donation to the Hillsborough Families Support Group public.

Some people on Twitter questioned why he had released a statement about his donation. Here is his response:

John Bishop: Hillsborough families 'are the best of us'

John Bishop announced his donation in a letter to the Liverpool Echo:

"After 25 years, the families of the 96 are now hopefully moving closer to a resolution.

“Reading the family statements from the inquest has brought home to me once more the individual loss that so many suffered.

“The donation I have made is no more important than any other donation from any other individual trying to support the families over the last 25 years.

"In 1989, I laid flowers in front of the Kop to pay my respects to those who had lost their lives and show support to their families.

“Today, making a donation to help assist in bringing the end closer seems more appropriate.

"The dignity with which the families have sought justice for over a quarter of a century is a lesson to us all.

“They are the best of us and will never walk alone.”


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