Inquest into Wigan boy who drowned on holiday

A family are searching for answers after their little boy drowned in a hotel swimming pool. Loui Aspinall was just two when he died on holiday in Tunisia. His parents blame themselves but say more needs to be done to keep children safe.

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Holidaymakers urged to be their own lifeguards

Safety experts say holidaymakers must "be their own lifeguards" after an inquest into the death of toddler who drowned in Tunisia.

Loui Aspinall, from Wigan, was just two years old. A coroner ruled no staff noticed Loui under the water at the Houda Golf and Beach Resort.

The court classed Loui's death as an accident, but asked tour operators to look again at rules which do not require lifeguards at foreign hotels.

Loui's family are petitioning the government to create tougher rules for the tourism industry.

Family of drowned toddler launch lifeguard petition

An inquest ruled that Loui's death was an accident

The family of a toddler who drowned while on holiday have launched a petition, calling on the Government to make it a legal requirement that fully-trained lifeguards are always on duty at resort pools.

Yesterday, an inquest ruled 2-year-old Loui Aspinall, from Wigan, was the victim of a tragic accident.

The family's Family e-petition can be seen by clicking here.


Toddler's death ruled an "accident" as coroner urges tour companies to review their lifeguard guidelines

A toddler who drowned on holiday with his family was the victim of an accident according to a coroner.

Loui Aspinall simply "wanted to follow his father and sister" as they moved to another area of the pool at their resort in Tunisia.

The "consequences were unimaginable" said the coroner, because neither of his parents knew he "walked into the water".

He went unnoticed by guests, or hotel staff, for seven minutes.

But after hearing evidence that British tour operators do not have lifeguards as a requirement, the coroner is asking the industry to review its guidelines.

"No requirement for lifeguards" - inquest told

Mr Beck said: "Of course, there was an investigation.

"I'm not aware of the output or recommendations of that.

"We haven't changed procedures at the hotel."

The coroner questioned this saying that he wanted to know "what happened" after that inquiry.

Mr Beck was given time to consult his lawyers.

TUI has stated that the travel industry's trade group, the Federation of Travel Operators, has no requirement for lifeguards to be present around hotel pools abroad.

"No new procedures" at toddler death hotel

A British tour operator has admitted it did not "do anything differently" at a Tunisian hotel after a toddler from Wigan drowned.

Loui Aspinall, who was two-years-old, died in a hotel pool while on holiday with his family last September.

Medics could not save him.

An inquest into Loui's death has heard evidence that hotel lifeguards were "sat at a table" and "on their phones".

Giving evidence James Beck, from travel operator TUI, was asked by the coroner if the company had "taken action following Loui's death?"

Mr Beck said: "Did we do anything differently at the hotel? No."

He then revealed he knew nothing of the result of checks carried out in the wake of the tragedy.


Lifeguards "on their phones" witness tells drowned boy inquest

A holidaymaker told an inquest how he tried to save a two-year-old Wigan boy who drowned in a hotel pool.

David Reay saw youngsters pointing at Loui upside down in the pool in Tunisia last September.

He was pointed out to me by two little boys.

They were saying 'handstand' because of the way he was in the water.

It wasn't a handstand.

I grabbed hold of his ankles and pulled him up

– David Reay, giving evidence at Bolton Coroners' Court

Bolton Coroner's Court heard that a lifeguard was "alerted" by shouts for help but "hadn't been aware" of what was going on in the pool.

The lifeguard then tried to clear Loui's airway, and was "pushing down" on the young boy while "breathing into his mouth".

Mr Reay said prior to the tragedy he had seen the hotel's lifeguards "sat on a table, on their phones, half the time".

They did not "patrol" from what he saw.

Instead, he told the coroner, they had an "amble round the pool".

"No lifeguards at pool" - Loui's father tells inquest

The father of a toddler who drowned on holiday in Tunisia says he "never saw a lifeguard" around their hotel pool.

Loui Aspinall died in September last year.

Gavin Aspinall told Bolton Coroner's Court that he left his two-year-old son next to his partner, as he took their other child to another part of the complex.

When he returned "7 or 8 minutes" later, he saw Loui on the side of the pool surrounded by people.

Mr Aspinall said there a "British nurse" on holiday who attempted CPR. A hotel doctor eventually intervened but was "doing the procedures wrong".

A "first response" team arrived to take Loui to hospital, but the toddler's dad said they had "no medical equipment" and a van containing "just a bed".

Loui inquest due to hear from father

An inquest into the death of a young boy, who drowned on holiday, has resumed in Bolton.

Two-year-old Loui Aspinall, from Wigan, was staying with his family at a resort in Tunisia last September.

Fellow tourists found Loui in a hotel pool.

They and a nurse, also a British tourist tried to revive him, but medics pronounced the toddler dead less than 30 minutes later.

The court is due to hear from Loui's father, Gavin Aspinall, as well as one of the hotel guests who attempted to save the youngster.

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