Protester scales Manchester's Big Wheel

Customers stranded in pods as man brings wheel to a standstill


Police still working to bring about 'safe resolution'


Light fading but officers still working to bring about a safe resolution.


Special Constables have turned in to assist with the incident in Piccadilly Gardens, giving their time for free. Huge thanks.

Manchester's Big Wheel still shut after five hour protest

The Big Wheel in Manchester remains shut after a man climbed up it in an apparent protest.

The man is believed to be Domenyk Noonan, who climbed 100 feet up the attraction in protest at plans to recall him to prison.

Noonan is currently on licence after a gun was found strapped to the engine of his car.

John Scheerhout is a crime reporter for the Manchester Evening News and has been at the scene:


Looks like the Great Big Wheel Protest is coming to an end


The rescuers have been up there about 30 minutes now. It looks like a tricky operation


People stranded as protester scales Manchester's Big Wheel

The protester can be seen in the centre of the wheel Credit:

A man has scaled the Big Wheel at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.

Its believed as many as six customers were stranded inside the pods when the wheel was brought to a halt.

Greater Manchester Fire Service has urged people to avoid the area.

Greater Manchester Fire Service has urged people to avoid the area. Credit: