Crackdown on 'unsafe' sunbed salons in Blackpool

A survey of sunbed salons in Blackpool has found most did not comply with safety regulations - and were serving under-age clients

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Sunbed Association welcomes testing in Blackpool

Sunbed Credit: ITV Granada

Blackpool Council have been carrying out tests on the 43 tanning salons in the resort.

During a month long period they found more than 60 per cent had let children use the sunbeds and more than 70 per cent used UV bulbs which could be potentially harmful.

Gary Lipman from the Sunbed Association said “We are delighted that TradingStandards in Blackpool are following our advice and testing sunbeds for compliancewith European Standard."

"The Sunbed Association has been at the forefront on lobbying for this regulation to be delivered nationwide for many years. "

Sunbed metre Credit: ITV Granada

“Our continued concern is that not all local authorities have yet made compliance testing a priority and in many areas where salons are being inspected and are not found to be compliant, it is our opinion that enforcement action is often taking too long to implement."

"As such, we would always urge sunbed users to seek out a tanning salon in membership of the Sunbed Association, where they can be assured of excellent customer care and advice from properly trained staff."


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