Pensioner tricked out of £100,000

Police release e-fit of suspect.

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"Tragic case" of pensioner conned out of thousands.

Detectives say they have conducted numerous enquiries, including conducting covert policing, CCTV, phone and financial enquiries.

They have also released an e-fit of the suspect.

This is an absolutely tragic case in which the victim has been repeatedly targeted over a prolonged period of time and has ultimately lost everything.

“He has been caught in a vicious circle, not wanting to stop payment over concerns he would not see any of his money again and only paying in the vain hope the situation would change and he would be reimbursed.

“The actions of the offender are wicked and shameful.

"To knowingly take so much money from a vulnerable pensioner is despicable and I don’t know how the person responsible can live with themselves.

– Detective Constable Richard Willoughby, Greater Manchester Police

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 7225 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Pensioner conned out of more than £107,000

Evofit of conman. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A pensioner from Leigh has been swindled out of more than £100,000 after being repeatedly targeted by a conman for more than 12 months.

The 72-year-old fell victim after agreeing a price for maintenance work on his driveway when the conman visited his home.

The trickster gave his name as "Howard" and claimed to work for a company called "Marshalls".

The work the victim got for his money effectively amounted to his driveway being jet washed, police said.

Over a period of 15 months the offender used the same approach to systematically steal £107,000 from the victim, who continued to hand over cash believing he would be fully reimbursed and fearful that he would not be if he did not do as asked.


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