WW1 VC hero honoured in Middleton

Middleton's only Victoria Cross recipient will be recognised today. Corporation Street will be renamed after Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell, who rescued 10 injured soldiers from no-man's land during the First World War.

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Middleton honours VC hero Joel Halliwell

Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell V.C, Middleton’s only Victoria Cross recipient. Credit: Rochdale Borough Council
Crowds gather as tributes are made. Credit: ITV News/Mel Barham

Among the crowds paying tribute to Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell were Lyn and Ian Rigby, the parents of Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last year.

Lyn Rigby, the mother of Fusilier Lee Rigby, joined those paying tribute to L.Cpl Halliwell Credit: ITV News
Tributes to VC winner L.Cpl Joel Halliwell. Credit: ITV News
L.Cpl Joel Halliwell VC Way is revealed. Credit: ITV News
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