Police Commissioner says victims let down by legal system

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd says the criminal justice system let down the victims of a predatory paedophile who's been jailed for 'buying' teenagers for prostitution.

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Police Commissioner says victims of a predatory paedophile let down by justice system

Raymond Hawthorne jailed after he 'bought' teenager for prostitution Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the jailing of a predatory paedophile who “bought” teenagers and sold their bodies sexually for his own financial gain

But Tony Lloyd said the criminal justice system let Raymond Hawthorne’s victims down after he was jailed in 2003 for similar offences – for just nine years.

Hawthorne was jailed for 10 years with an extended license of five years after admitting controlling a child who he sold for sex, controlling prostitution for gain and breaches of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and sex offender registration.

Hawthorne was released from prison in December 2012 after serving a jail term for similar offences.

At the time of his original jailing, Tony – who was then the MP for Manchester Central – criticised the sentence, agreeing with the judge who said its was “absurd”. The judge said his hands were tied by sentencing guidelines which were in place at the time.

Greater Manchester's Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd. Credit: ITV Granada

Speaking following Hawthorne's conviction on Friday, Greater Manchester's PCC Tony Lloyd said: **

“The justice system failed Hawthorne's most recent victims because he was able to carry out this horrific abuse after being convicted of incredibly serious crimes.**

“We must ensure that justice focuses on the victim. It's clear prolific and dangerous paedophiles like Hawthorne should receive the appropriate sentence.

Tony is writing to both the Justice Secretary and Home Secretary to ensure the lessons from this case will be used to protect children in future.


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