Pensioner slams 'cowards' who threw her to ground

A 79-year-old woman who was robbed and thrown to the ground as she walked home, has slammed her attackers, calling them cowards.

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Pensioner hits out at 'cowards' who targeted her because she looked vulnerable

Jane Campbell, 79, has hit out at two thieves who followed her home and threw her to the ground.

Mrs Campbell, who walks with a stick, was on her way home from picking up a prescription from a chemist in Bolton.

She told Granada Reports the attack had left her feeling 'shaky' on the inside, and slammed the men, calling them 'cowards'.

CCTV shows thieves snatch 79-year-old's handbag

Police have released CCTV footage of an 79-year-old woman being robbed as she walked home.

The woman was walking along Willows Lane in Bolton, near the junction with Bankfield Street, when she noticed a man by the bus stop and another man standing in the road.

She continued to home and put her key in the door, but was then approached by the men who took her bag and caused her to fall. One man is described as being in his late teens, 5ft 3in tall, slim to medium build, with black hair.

The other is described as being slightly taller, of medium build and wore a grey hooded top with the hood up.

Detective Constable David Fox said: "It is an absolute disgrace these cowardly men have targeted her in such a way and we are determined to find them.

"Luckily, she [only] suffered cuts and bruises, but she has understandably been left shocked this robbery has happened outside her home."


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