Giant Spectacular: where to see them

The Giants Spectacular begins in Liverpool today. Here's where you can see them.

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Merseyrail advice for Liverpool Giants spectators

All Merseyrail services are extremely busy at the moment. We’re doing all we can to support this great event for Liverpool. Please bear with us over the next couple of days.

– Merseyrail
  • All our trains are in service, there are more trains running and we’ve put on extra carriages.
  • Trains are delayed and some stations are having to close temporarily.
  • Do not to rush to stations, either coming in to town or at the end of the day.
  • Passengers are strongly advised to allow plenty of time for their journeys into town – at least an extra hour to an hour and a half.
  • Leave plenty of time while queues die down.
  • Wirral line passengers should use Central station and Northern line passengers, Moorfields station.


A million expected to see return of Giants

A million people are expected to visit Liverpool over the next few days to see the Giants Spectacular event.

Today sees the return of the girl giant and her dog to the city. The grandmother giant who has been 'asleep' at St George's Hall for two days has already been visited by 40 thousand people.

And with just hours to go until the extravaganza begins, here's a guide to where to see them this weekend.

Little girl giant with Xolo the dog


Little Girl Giant & Xolo the dog

Wakes up 10.30am and leave Queensway Tunnel entrance via Old Haymarket, St John’s Lane, Queen Square Bus Station, onto Whitechapel, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Ranelagh Street, Great Charlotte Street, Elliott Street, Lime Street down to Renshaw Street, Berry Street, arrive at Chinese Arch at 1.30pm where they will have a siesta.

Following a siesta, they will leave the Chinese Arch at 5.00pm, go up Upper Duke Street and continue onto Canning Street past Falkner Square, onto Grove Street and then Oxford Street, Grinfield Street, Harbord Street turning onto Durning Road, Holt Road, Kensington, Sheil Road, onto Gardners Drive, arrive in Newsham Park at 8.00pm. (approx timings)


Wakes up at 11.00am and leaves St George’s Hall via Lime Street, onto William Brown Street to Queensway Tunnel entrance, continues down to Victoria Street, North John Street, Lord Street, Castle Street, Water Street, The Strand, arrives at Salthouse Dock at 1.30pm.

4.30pm – 7.30pm (approx): Departs from Albert Dock after her siesta, via The Strand, onto Liver Street, Paradise Street, Hanover Street, Great Charlotte Street, Elliot Street, Lime Street, Brownlow Hill, Mount Pleasant, Brownlow Hill, Minshull Street and Low Hill, Kensington, Sheil Road, onto Gardeners Drive, arrives in Newsham Park at 7.30pm.

Grandmother giant has been 'asleep' at St George's Hall since Wednesday Credit: ITV


Little Girl Giant & Xolo

Leave Newsham Park at 10.00am via Gardners Drive and Sheil Road, onto her bus in Kensington, on to Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, hopping off her bus onto Commutation Row to William Brown Street and arrives at Queensway Tunnel entrance at 1.30pm.

Following a siesta at the Queensway Tunnel entrance, they will wake up at 4.30pm, and leave via Old Haymarket, Victoria Street, Crosshall Street, Dale Street, Castle Street, James Street, across The Strand onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Bath Street, Waterloo Road to arrive at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm.


Wakes up in Newsham Park at 10.00am, leaves via Gardners Drive, Sheil Road, onto Kensington, Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, onto Commutation Row and William Brown Street, passes the Queensway Tunnel entrance, up Old Haymarket and St John’s Lane and arrives at St George’s Hall at 1.00pm.

Leaves St George’s Hall at 4.30pm after a siesta, walks down Queen Square Bus Station, Whitechapel, Paradise Street, Liver Street, The Strand, onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Waterloo Road, arrives at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm.

Grandmother giant prepares to walk the streets of Liverpool Credit: Liverpool City Council


Little girl giant, Xolo and Grandmother

All the Giants wake up at The Strand and leave at 10.00am, walk on Waterloo Road, Bath Street, New Quay and The Strand and onto Canning Dock where they will depart at 12.00noon. The Giants will then leave Liverpool down the River Mersey.

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