Liverpool Pride march

Thousands will take to the streets of Liverpool for the city's annual Pride March on Saturday

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Choir open Liverpool Pride 2014

Choir open Liverpool Pride Credit: Ashley Derricott, ITV Granada

A choir has opened the fifth annual Liverpool Pride march. The event is the biggest celebration of LGBT life in the city.

Participants in this year's Pride March Credit: Ashley Derricott, ITV Granada

The event saw a minute's silence in memory of Michael Causer, who was murdered in Liverpool in 2008 aged just 18, because of his sexuality. His mother Marie addressed the crowd.

Hundreds expected for Liverpool's Pride March

The colour of the Pride March comes to Liverpool Credit: Pride

Liverpool's Pride march starts in Liverpool today. There'll be speeches at St George's plateau at 11am before the march starts through the city's streets. Pop singer Sonia will perform at the event along with former model Sam Fox. The family of Michael Causer, a teenager murdered in a homophobic attack six years ago will lead the march.

Victim's mum urges Liverpool to get behind Pride March

Michael Causer was the victim of a homophobic killing Credit: Causer family

The mother of a gay teenager, murdered in Liverpool, is urging the city to get behind the annual Pride March on the sixth anniversary of her son's death tomorrow. Marie Causer says she thinks of her son as the final preparations are made for the event on Saturday.

"He'd have been so excited he wouldn't have been able to sleep."

She says there will two opportunities to remember the teenager who was beaten to death, because he was gay, at a party. The first will be during speeches at the start of the March on St George's Plateau at 11am on Saturday. The second will be during a 2 minute silence at the main waterfront stage at 5.45pm.


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