Man arrested on suspicion of hoax bomb threat

Greater Manchester Police say that a plane has been escorted into Manchester Airport following information received by the pilot about a possible device on board.

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Man sectioned over plane bomb hoax

A man, 47, arrested on suspicion of making a bomb threat on board a plane has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

He was a passenger on board a Qatar Airways flight escorted into Manchester Airport by a Typhoon fighter jet. The airport was shut down while the plane was checked but no device was found.

Following his arrest he was assessed by medical staff and again by a mental health team. He was subsequently sectioned to allow for a fuller assessment and appropriate treatment.

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Passengers 'were frightened by bomb rumours'

Another passenger aboard the Qatar Airways flight escorted into Manchester Airport today says children on board were crying amid "rumours there's a bomb on the plane".

Aureng Zeb, left, outside Manchester Airport today. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Aurang Zeb, 60, returning from a holiday to his home in Bradford, said: "I thought there was something wrong because there was a jet flying so near."

Mr Zeb said the plane landed and was taken to an area well away from the terminal and other planes, where they waited for 45 minutes then moved again closer to the terminal.

"Then I saw all the police with guns. Lots of police everywhere," he added.

Mr Zeb said two armed police then came on and removed the suspect passenger, after sitting him up and telling him: 'Put your hands up'.


47-year-old North West man arrested over bomb hoax

Greater Manchester Police have revealed that a 47-year-old man from the North West has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax.

Police said: “The incident arose when the pilot received information about a possible device on board the plane having been handed a note from a passenger.

"As a result a full emergency activation commenced that involved the aircraft being escorted in by the RAF before specialist officers boarded and subsequently made an arrest.

A full search of the aircraft has finished and police say nothing suspicious was found.

The man remains in police custody for questioning.

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Qatar Airways passenger: Plane crew 'told us nothing'

A passenger aboard the Qatar Airways flight at the centre of a bomb threat hoax says he and his fellow passengers had to use the internet to find out what was happening to the plane as crew said "nothing".

Asked what he said to the person next to him when a fighter jet appeared outside the window, Josh Hartley said "he was asleep so I didn't bother him".

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Manchester runway shut for 25 mins amid plane 'threat'

Manchester Airport confirmed its runway was closed for 25 minutes during this afternoon's plane emergency, which led to an arrest for a suspected hoax bomb threat.

A statement from the airport regarding the incident said:

Flight QR23 from Doha to Manchester landed safely this afternoon after the crew on board had received a threat during the flight. Runway operations were temporarily suspended at Manchester while the incident was dealt with and satisfactorily resolved by the authorities.

The airport reopened after a 25-minute runway closure. A number of incoming flights were diverted to nearby airports. Passenger safety remains the priority of the airline and airport.

– Manchester Airport spokesperson


Passenger tweets 'all luggage' from flight to be searched

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