Firefighters rescue horse trapped in mud

14 firefighters rescue a horse trapped in mud at a beauty spot in Greater Manchester .

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Trapped horse rescued by firefighters

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD horse was rescued today after sinking up to her neck in ‘quick sand’ just yards from where a 15-year-old teenager was trapped just days ago. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were again called to a local beauty spot known as Urmston Meadows off Meadows Lane, Urmston, where the horse had got into difficulty after crossing a narrow bridge and falling into a stream. On Sunday August 3rd a 15-year-old girl at the beauty spot also became trapped up to her waist in mud and had to be rescued. 14 officers were involved in today's operation using manpower and specialist equipment.

“She was a four-year-old horse called Maisie who had trotted off over a bridge and fallen into a stream. We had to physically pull her out – the bridge was too narrow for a tractor or a digger or any type of farm equipment to get over. It the end it was specialist training, specialist equipment and sheer brute strength.”

– Paul Smitham, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
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