Mum tracks thief who stole teddy from her son's grave

A grieving mother uses a tracker in a teddy bear to catch a thief who stole from her son's grave. Joan Holland was so heartbroken that items kept going missing from her son't final resting place she decided to put a GPS tracker inside a bear.

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Mum catches thief who stole from her son's grave

Balshaw was jailed for 12 months for theft Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Joan Holland was so upset by items going missing from her son Andrew's grave she decided to put a GPS tracker inside a teddy bear to see if it would be taken. She stitched the two hundred pound device into the bear and left it on his grave in St Michael's Churchyard near Bolton.

I thought about putting a camera over the grave, but someone suggested a tracker. When it went off sending an alert to my daughter-in-law's laptop, we knew the teddy had been stolen from the grave.

– Joan Holland
The teddy Joan fitted with a GPS tracking device Credit: Joan Holland

Andrew Balshaw, 48 told police he had bought the teddy before later to confessing to theft. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail - the judge stating 'The public would be outraged if I did not pass a sentence of imprisonment on you.'

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