Blackpool musician's moving blog post before he was found dead

Brett Robertshaw, 21, detailed his battle with depression in a blog post timed to appear after it's thought he took his own life

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Blackpool musician's moving blog post before he was found dead

Brett detailed his battle with depression in an online blog. Credit: ITV News

A Blackpool musician detailed his battle with depression and told his family "not to be sad I'm gone" in a blog which appeared online days after he is thought to have taken his own life.

Brett Robertshaw timed the post for after his death and said: "If this post is live I’m probably not here any more."

The 21-year-old was found at home seven days before the blog appeared.

The post said: "The truth is, if this post is live, then chances are, I’m probably not here any more.

"I scheduled this post to go live a week after my suicide attempt, to try to ensure that it didn’t go live if I was still around."

Brett, 21, had a long battle with depression. Credit: ITV News

In his blog. Brett said: "I just wanted to leave everybody with an insight into my reasoning for making this choice, and an insight into the way my mind worked.

"This isn’t a suicide note per se, but rather a short bio that I hope may help people to understand my choice a bit better."

He went on: "So, for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt void of all emotions except sadness, and worry.

"I’ve felt nothing towards family members, friends, or otherwise acquainted people, as much as I’ve felt that I should, like any normal functioning being.

"No matter how many good things happened to me or the people surrounding me, I didn’t seem to feel any positive emotion at all.

"I pretended on occasion, but I was only lying to myself in doing so."

Brett's blog post was timed to publish one week after he died. Credit: ITV News

Brett's family have paid tribute to him and spoken about their grief in the hope that others suffering the pain of depression will seek out help.

“We thought if we could raise some awareness about mental health problems, that there is help out there, but people need to be made aware of it.

– Cheryl Robertshaw
A picture Brett posted to his Twitter page. Credit: ITV News

Several organisations provide help and support.

You can also find more information and see our recent series which looked into the issues of suicide among young people by clicking here.


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