Cafe owner in legal battle with Hard Rock Cafe

The Soft Rock Cafe in Liscard has been told by lawyers for Hard Rock Cafe it must change it's name and signage.

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Wirral businessman facing legal battle with Hard Rock Cafe

Robbie Forbes, the owner of the Soft Rock Cafe at Liscard, Wirral. Credit: ITV News

A bar owner from Wirral has found himself locked in a legal battle with the owners of an American restaurant chain.

The Soft Rock Cafe in Liscard has been going for two years and is a successful venue for live music in the area.

For the past two months it's been owned by former celebrity bodyguard Robbie Forbes.

Now Robbie finds he's having to protect the future of his bar after being told its name infringes copyright owned by the restaurant chain Hard Rock International.

They say the name is too similar to their Hard Rock Cafe's and they're demanding Robbie makes changes.

A branch of the Hard Rock Cafe in London. Credit: PA
The Soft Rock Cafe in Liscard, near Wallasey. Credit: ITV News

In a letter from the chain's solicitors, the company said: "The name Soft Rock Cafe Bar is extremely similar to Hard Rock Cafe, accordingly there's a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public."

There are currently four Hard Rock Cafe's in Britain, including one in Manchester.

The first one opened in London forty three years ago. It's now a huge chain operating in countries around the world.

It's legal representatives want the Soft Rock bar to remove its website and to remove its name from the Liscard premises.

A deadline was given by the Hard Rock lawyers for Robbie to make the changes.

He's now speaking to his own legal representatives and in the meantime he's hoping he can save the good if somewhat disputed name of his bar.

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