Anti-fracking protesters face legal action

Protestors against fracking have begun a protest camp in Lancashire ahead of a "day of action".

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Cuadrilla: Occupation 'harmful' and 'anti-democratic'

A Cuadrilla spokesperson has described the occupation of offices in Blackpool by anti-cracking protesters as 'anti-democratic'.

They told us: “Cuadrilla has consistently made clear that we support the right to peaceful protest, but taking the law into your own hands – through trespass or direct action - is anti-democratic and harmful to local farmers, business and other job creators during an important time in Blackpool’s farming and business calendar.”


Anti-fracking protesters occupy offices linked to Cuadrilla

A group of around ten anti-fracking activists from the Reclaim the Power camp are occupying Chamber of Commerce offices in Blackpool, where Cuadrilla have a base.

The company’s office is located in an industrial park two kilometres from the farmland that Cuadrilla hopes to frack.

Several members of the group have secured themselves in place in the foyer of the building using plastic “arm tubes”.

According to the No Dash For Gas website, the activists intend to remain in the office until they are removed by police.

Anti-fracking protesters occupy offices linked to Cuadrilla Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of anti-fracking protestors march in Blackpool

Hundreds of anti-fracking protestors march in Blackpool Credit: Ralph Blunsom

Hundreds of anti-fracking protestors have marched through Blackpool today to opose any further exploratory drilling on the Fylde Coast.

The action is part of a five day protest by campaigners, who have set up a protest camp in a farmers field.


Fracking protestors threaten 6 days of action

Reclaim the Power fracking protest Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Hundreds of anti-fracking campaigners have set up camp in Blackpool. Reclaim the Power, the action group that disrupted Cuadrilla's operations in Balcombe last year will take 6 days of action in the seaside town. There have already been a number of protests in the region over the gas extraction technique.

People Power. Protestors threaten 6 days of action Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Cuadrilla - "little support" for protest

"We believe there is absolutely no requirement and little local support for the protest and the illegal occupation of land being farmed by a local farmer, disrupting his business and family in the process.

"We understand the landowner is in the process of instructing lawyers to commence legal proceedings to recover possession of his land.

“Lancashire County Council’s consultation process is ongoing concerning our two planning applications for shale gas exploration.

"This is a thorough, transparent and democratic process which gives people ample opportunity to make their views known to the decision makers in the County Council.

"There is no democratic mandate for this kind of illegal protest nor for the associated threatened ‘direct action’ against local businesses.”

– Cuadrilla statement
A Cuadrilla drill site. Credit: PA

Fracking protesters set up camp in Lancashire

Anti-fracking campaigners have set up a protest camp in a field in Lancashire where they will stage a five-day protest.

A number of local residents have been camped in the field, near Blackpool. for some days and from today they were joined by protesters from around the UK.

They're opposing any further exploratory drilling on the Fylde Coast.

Organisers say the expect up to 800 people to join the protest camp, and they are warning of a series of protests over the next few days - including 'direct action' against local businesses.

Andrew Fletcher has this report:

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