The North West pays tribute to the Queen on her historic milestone

The Queen will become Britain's longest reigning monarch today.

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  1. Tim Scott, ITV News

Your stories: The Queen came to our wedding

On the day the Queen becomes the longest reigning monarch in UK history we take a look back here in the North West.

Tonight we will be meeting a couple who had Her Majesty as a guest at their wedding in Manchester.

Tim Scott went to meet them.

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Your stories: I shared lift with the Queen to top of Tower

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II will become the UK's longest serving monarch, overtaking Queen Victoria's reign of 63 years, seven months and two days.

We are reflecting on the many visits she has made to the North West and have been speaking to those with special memories.

One man has told ITV Granada Reports about how he came to share a lift with the Queen to the top of Blackpool Tower.

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