Will Wallasey's Angela Eagle challenge for the Labour leadership

A source close to Ms Eagle said she would challenge Mr Corbyn's leadership "when the time is right".

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MP pledges to fight for the Northern Powerhouse

The Wallasey MP Angela Eagle's been giving more details of her plans as she challenges Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the Labour party. Speaking on the Granada Debate she said the Northern Powerhouse must be at the heart of Labour policy. There are concerns from some that with George Osborne, who championed the idea, now sacked as Chancellor, the Northern Powerhouse might be forgotten. But Ms Eagle says its more important than ever to ensure our region gets the investment it needs.

Wallasey MP Angela Eagle silent on Labour leadership bid as local party sends message of support to Jeremy Corbyn

A source close to Wallasey MP Angela Eagle has said she would challenge Jeremy Corbyn's leadership "when the time is right".

It comes after her constituency Labour party said on its website they had passed a motion of support for Mr Corbyn 'with an overwhelming majority',

"Last night at our branch meeting Wallasey branch Labour Party passed, with an overwhelming majority, a motion of support for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party .

"As such we wish to send our message of support to our Leader Jeremy Corbyn at this time as we work together on the larger issues effecting our society.

– wallaseybranchlabourparty.com

Mr Corbyn has resisted calls to step down as Labour leader after MPs voted by 172-40 that they had no confidence in him.

After the mass resignation of the bulk of Mr Corbyn's front bench team, the former shadow business secretary was understood to be considering a formal challenge to his position.

"Angela has made her position 100% clear but she will challenge when there is absolutely nothing left to fight for," the source said.

"There will be a challenge unless he goes."

On Mr Corbyn and activists such as Momentum who support him, the source said: "When people get weaker, they shout louder."


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