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Liverpool to get ground breaking virtual reality studio

Europe's only studio for wireless virtual reality is opening in Liverpool. It'll be used to design theme park games and showcase arena-scale models. Bosses say the applications are limitless. John Bacon is from the Vizuality Studio.

Futuristic train could slash journey times to London

The futuristic design is in the early stages of development Credit: MEN

A futuristic trainline being pioneered by a US billionaire could slash journey times between Manchester and London. The Hyperloop would travel at 760 mph and would take travellers to the capital in just eighteen minutes, or to Liverpool in just ten minutes.

Bosses from Transport for the North – which represents councils and transport authorities across the region – say they ‘remain open’ to the Hyperloop and have been studying the experimental technology to gauge its viability.

Its the invention of Elon Musk, head of US firms Tesla and SpaceX. It uses magnetic pods to speed passengers through a network of airless tubes on stilts, to protect against flooding and earthquakes. Passengers would sit in either individual or group pods, which would then be accelerated with magnets.

The Hyperloop was unveiled in 2013 by Mr Musk and remains at an early development stage. So far tests in the Nevada desert have only reached 116mph, but it’s said it could one day reach speeds of 760mph.

Passengers would sit in pods Credit: MEN


Soldiers build record breaking bridge

Army engineers from the 107 Field Squadron in Birkenhead have helped to build the longest amphibious bridge ever made.

The 350 metre bridge in Chelmno in North Poland will be used by American, German and Polish troops to move armoured vehicles around the region.

They have assisted in its construction as part of the largest joint exercise in Europe since the end of the Cold War.

Here's Captain Simon Mayers from the North West based 75 Engineer Regiment..


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