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Computer painting that's setting new standards

The stunning portrait of Morgan Freeman created on Kyle's iPad Credit: Kyle Lambert

An artist from Chershire has just published what could be the world's most realistic finger painting on his computer.

Kyle Lambert created a picture of actor/director Morgan Freeman using about quarter of a million finger strokes on his iPad.

You can see a speeded up version of how this was done by clicking on the following link:-


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Hewlett-Packard does not deny risk to 1,100 jobs

Technology firm Hewlett-Packard has not denied claims by the Unite union that 1,100 jobs are at risk in the UK:


Salford teenager talks of cyber-bullying impact

A teenager from Salford is raising awareness about the devastating effect cyber bullying can have on young people.

Liam Royle was bullied when he was 14 after his Facebook account was hacked and malicious messages were sent to his friends and family. He's encouraging others not to suffer in silence as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

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Pledge to improve mobile coverage for rural areas

A campaign leaflet to improve coverage for isolated areas Credit: The Countryside Alliance

OFCOM has pledged to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas in a move that's being welcomed by campaigners. The Countryside Alliance says the government's five point plan will improve services and so far, three of four mobile providers have hit their target of 90% of the UK population.

The Alliance says OFCOM's five point plan includes an undertaking to extend coverage to the 10% of the UK population who live in the most hard to reach areas. It's expected that the move will help hundreds living in the region's most isolated homes.

'Smart Motorway' scheme launched

An artist's impression of the M60 at Trafford Credit: Highways Agency

A scheme opening the hard shoulder of a section of motorway in Manchester to ease congestion is being launched.

The smart motorways scheme will be introduced on a 17-mile stretch between Junction 8 of the M60 near Sale and Junction 20 of the M62 near Rochdale

How the M60 will look at Stretford Credit: Highways Agency

The system will use technology to monitor traffic levels, provide traffic information to road users, and try to ease congestion by using variable speed limits on overhead signs.

The hard shoulder will be permanently converted into an extra lane on a five-mile stretch of the M62 between Junctions 18 and 20 which links the North West to Yorkshire.

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