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Andy Burnham - the new Tony Wilson?

Leigh MP Andy Burnham launched his campaign to become mayor of Greater Manchester by promising, among other things, to revitalise the once-great Manchester music scene.

He called Tony Wilson as one of heroes, and praised the former Granada Reports presenter for giving young bands across the region a platform on Granada Television back in the 1980's.

But how does he plan to emulate his hero in 2016? Our Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt went to find out.


On the road with Andy Burnham: the MP discusses Corbyn, his kids, and his wife's Tory past

The next few weeks are the most important in Andy Burnham's political career.

Ballot papers are now dropping on people's mats and soon they'll vote on whether they want him as the new leader of the Labour Party.

The MP for Leigh is promising something for everybody - nationalising the railways, scrapping tuition fees and thousands of new affordable homes.

But he's trailing Jeremy Corbyn in the polls, and rival Yvette Cooper has called for him to stand down if he is unwilling to attack the frontrunner.

Our political reporter Daniel Hewitt has spent the day with Mr Burnham as he toured the North West.

  1. Tony Morris

Burnham says he can rebuild the Labour party

Andy Burnham says Labour's been too shallow and frightened of its own shadow and he's pledging to change it.

The Leigh MP who is also shadow health secretary is the bookies' favourite to be next Labour leader although there has been a dramatic in support for left winger Jeremy Corbyn.

Andy Burnham is promising "something for people in every postcode".


Burnham: Members don't want return to 'Old Labour'

The MP for Leigh Andy Burnham has been addressing a meeting as a new independent opinon poll puts him third in the race for the Labour Leadership.

The popularity of the one time favourite appears to have dipped to 20 percent. He's behind Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn whose popularity now stands at 42 percent.

The Shadow Health Secretary says members are looking for radical change and don't want a return to Old Labour

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Politics Reporter

Labour leadership candidates clash on the economy in Manchester

The four candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party have appeared together for the first time in the North West since the General Election.

The front runner is still Andy Burnham, the Leigh MP and shadow health secretary, though polls suggest his rivals are closing in.

Our Political Reporter Daniel Hewitt was at the event in Manchester.

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