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286 jobs could be lost at BAE sites in Lancashire

A Eurofighter Typhoons at BAE Systems, Warton Aerodrome, Lancashire. Credit: PA

BAE systems have announced 286 potential job losses at their Samlesbury and Warton sites in Lancashire.

The company says the posts at risk are managerial positions within its Military Air & Information business.

Chris Boardman, Managing Director of BAE Systems said:

It is always regrettable when you have toannounce potential job losses. However, we believe that by implementing changes to our management structure we will become a more efficient and effective business, and be better placed to meet the needs of current and potential customers in what is an increasingly competitive market.

We have a strong order book with Hawk, Typhoon and F-35 in production across our business and this, aligned with our extensive and growing in-service support work with the Royal Air Force and our overseas customers, provides a strong foundation for a long-term sustainable business.

We understand that this is a time of uncertainty for our employees and we are committed to working with them and their representatives to explore ways of avoiding and mitigating potential job losses.”

– Chris Boardman, Managing Director of BAE Systems


Defence Secretary: Submarines built in Barrow will be Navy's most advanced

Defence giant BAE Systems is to invest more than £300 million at one of its sites, at Barrow in Cumbria, to "transform" its submarine building capabilities.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:

"Barrow has a proven track record of designing and building submarines with a battle winning edge for the Royal Navy.

"The next generation nuclear-deterrent submarines that will be built in Barrow will be the largest and most advanced submarines ever operated by the Royal Navy.

The £300 million of infrastructure work that will take place over the coming years will not only protect 6,000 highly skilled jobs at the site, but also provide hundreds of additional construction jobs."

– Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond


BAE Systems: Redevelopment of submarine site 'fundamental'

Tony Johns, Managing Director of BAE Systems Maritime said:

“Redevelopment of the site is fundamental to the future of our business and will ensure we stay at the forefront of submarine design, build, test and commissioning.

“This investment will provide a modern, 21st unique skills and expertise that have delivered complex submarines to the UK Royal Navy for over a century.

“The Successor programme, to replace the Vanguard class submarines, remains subject to final approval in 2016, but it is vital we begin these improvements now in order to achieve the Government's target of having the first submarine in service by 2028.”

– Tony Johns, Managing Director of BAE Systems Maritime

BAE Systems to invest £300m in site at Barrow

BAE Systems has announced it will invest £300m in its submarine yard in Barrow, in Cumbria, over the next eight years.

The money will be used to prepare the site for the next generation of nuclear submarines, which will replace the current Vanguard class.

A new building to store submarine parts and materials will also be built as part of the plans.

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Record new apprenticeships at BAE

Construction work on the Royal Navy's super- sub, Astute in the BAE shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness. Credit: PA

BAE Systems is recruiting a record 568 apprentices in 2014 to build the next generation of nuclear submarines.

More than half of the roles are being created at the submarine yard in Barrow-in-Furness, where BAE is building seven new Astute class attack submarines for the Royal Navy.

Niney-four apprentices will design and build military aircraft in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Positions start in September 2014 and last 42 months, with an average salary of around £14,000 and a guaranteed job at the end.

Group managing director Nigel Whitehead said: "Apprentices are a vital part of our talent pool.

"This is a win-win situation for our apprentices, our company and the wider economy."

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