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Report clears police of brutality towards anti-fracking activists at Barton Moss

An independent report has cleared police of brutality in dealing with anti-fracking protestors at Barton Moss in Salford.

It says Greater Manchester Police must improve the way it handles major demonstrations.

But protestors say the report is a whitewash - their solicitor argues most of the people arrested by officers went on to have all charges dropped against them.

This report from Tim Scott:


Policing costs of anti-fracking protest now £1.6 million

Anti-fracking protesters in standoff with police at Barton Moss. Credit: ITV Granada

Greater MAnchester police are applying for Home Office funding to cover the cost of policing the Barton Moss anti-fracking protest, which has now run to £1.6m.

Police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd has written to policing minister Damian Green appealing for financial help as the protests continue.

Environmental campaigners have been camped on land off Barton Moss Lane, in Eccles, since November in protest against test drilling for shale gas by IGas.

Mr Lloyd said: "This is being funded from the general police budget, which could be better spent on local policing."

“We don’t think this is unreasonable, particularly since central Government has made clear that fracking is a priority for them in coming years.

Fracking protest 'heated' amid possible appeal

An ITV reporter says the atmosphere became "heated" Credit: ITV

Anti-fracking protesters in Salford exchanged heated words with police officers, after hearing that judges could look again at plans to force them from their protest camp.

The demonstrators had been given until midday today to leave the site at Barton Moss, under an order granted to landowners Peel.

But the encamped activists gained a stay from eviction, while judges in the Appeal Court decide whether to review the case.

The exchanges eventually "cooled" at the site Credit: ITV

ITV News reporter, Daniel Hewitt, said the atmosphere eventually cooled and police got the situation "under more control". He says protesters returned to singing, rather than shouting.

Anti-fracking protesters stay for possible appeal

Protesters camped outside the drill site Credit: PA

Anti-fracking groups camped outside an exploratory drill site in Salford, are staying put while the Appeal Court considers an eviction order.

The landowner, Peel, secured the right to remove demonstrators from their land at Barton Moss.

That order was due to become effective at midday today, but senior judges will now decide whether to re-examine the case.

It means protesters will add another few days to a campaign that began late last year. They surrounded the site when another firm, iGas, began testing for gas.


Time is running out for anti-fracking campaigners

Camp at Barton Moss Credit: PA

Anti-fracking protesters at a drill site in Salford have until midday today to vacate their camp or be evicted.

A judge granted a possession order to landowners Peel Holdings yesterday.

The protesters have been camped at the site since last November protesting against iGas who are test drilling for shale gas.

Their demonstrations have triggered a large scale police operation to ensure trucks, equipment and staff can reach the drill site.

VIDEO: Eviction notice served on anti-fracking protesters

An eviction notice has been served on anti-fracking protesters camped outside an exploratory drilling site in Salford.

The protesters have until tomorrow lunchtime to leave the site at Barton Moss, if they cannot appeal the possession order won today by the landowner Peel Investments.

Some have already decided to leave, but they say the fight against drilling for shale gas continues.

  1. Daniel Hewitt

Most anti-fracking protesters stay put

Most protesters I spoke to said they will be leaving the camp at 12pm tomorrow if their appeal is unsuccessful. Until then though they're stating put, with only a few signs of people packing their things and preparing to leave.

But everyone I spoke to insist they're not leaving the local area altogether. They say they willsimply set up camp somewhere else in the community, and return to Barton Moss everyday to protest against fracking.

Some anti-fracking protesters pack-up and leave

Demonstrators dismantle their tent at Barton Moss Credit: ITV

A small number of anti-fracking protesters in Salford are leaving their camp at a drill site, ahead of a court-ordered eviction.

A judge in Manchester gave them until midday tomorrow to vacate the site at Barton Moss, after a court action by landowners Peel.

The firm owns the land on which another company, iGas, is test drilling for shale gas.

Demonstrators protesting against those tests have been encamped at Barton since late last year.

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