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Full Report: Britain's last surviving ship of the Falklands War - making it's last journey

Campaigners on Merseyside fighting to save an historic warship say they're not giving up, even though the vessel's on its way to the scrapyard.

It was on HMS Plymouth where the surrender document was signed at the end of the Falklands conflict.

She's spent the past decade at the docks in Birkenhead, whose owners say her condition has deteriorated so badly they've no choice but to dispose of the warship.

But the HMS Plymouth Trust hope a last-minute legal challenge could save her as Daniel Hewitt reports:

Doomed ship leaves River Mersey to be scrapped

HMS Plymouth Credit: PA

Doomed warship HMS Plymouth has left home, sailing the River Mersey, on its final journey to be scrapped in a foreign port.

The Royal Navy ship, where the Argentinians formally surrendered their garrison after invading South Georgia during the Falklands War, could not be saved, despite a 25-year long fight since it was decommissioned in 1988.

She sailed on the morning tide on the Mersey, leaving her berth for the open seas and is thought to be heading for a port in Turkey where she will be scrapped.

Campaigners had raised money to launch a legal action to have the ship "arrested" and prevent the ship leaving.

But Peel Ports, who own Vittoria Dock in Birkenhead where she has languished rusting and unloved for years, said they had no "practical choice" but to scrap the vessel.


Birkenhead man calls for all dogs to be muzzled after his Jack Russell is victim of vicious attack

The owner of a Jack Russell which nearly died after it was attacked by another dog is calling for all dogs to be muzzled.

Leslie Whittaker's dog is called stitch - a name her owner claims became a reality for the animal when it was nearly ripped in two by a lurcher dog.

It has promoted more debate from some councillors over whether dogs should be muzzled or kept on leads in public parks.

There are some distressing images in this report by Amy Welch.

Owner whose pet was savaged wants all dogs muzzled

Stitch was left with serious injuries after the attack Credit: Leslie Whitaker

A man who's Jack Russell was viciously attacked by another dog wants them all to be muzzled. Leslie Whitaker's dog Stitch was savaged by a Lurcher dog in Birkenhead Park and left with serious injuries. The eight year old dog had to have emergency surgery to reconstruct her ribs. Mr Whitaker says he's haunted by what happened that day.

Celebrations mark 80 years of Birkenhead Library

King George V opened Birkenhead Library in 1934. Credit: Wirral Council

Celebrations will take place this weekend to mark 80 years of Birkenhead Library.

The library was opened in 1934 by King George V, replacing an earlier library in the town, which dated from 1856.

An old image of the historic library in Birkenhead. Credit: Wirral Council

The Friends of Birkenhead Library are holding an event in the library on Saturday, July 5, at 2.15pm, with a special talk on the building of the Queensway Tunnel by Peter Bishop.

Cllr Chris Meaden, Wirral Council's Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Culture said: "Birkenhead Library is an historic building which has been at the very centre of Birkenhead life for 80 years.

"Now more than ever it is a crucial part of what makes the town tick, and this will be a wonderful celebration."

Click here for more information.

Birkenhead Library today. Credit: Wirral Council


Police: Nazi-sympathiser had an 'obsession with Hitler'

A Nazi-sympathiser who planned to blow up a number of mosques has been jailed.

Ian Forman, of Birkenhead, was convicted of Engaging in Conduct in Preparation of Terrorist Acts contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006 at Kingston Crown Court.

Det Supt Ian Hassall from Merseyside Police says Forman had an obsession with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Forman could have caused 'considerable damage' to mosques and people

"Thankfully, we will never know how far Forman was prepared to go in acting out his racist fantasies.

"However, we do know that Forman had carefully selected a number of targets to meet his own means. Had he carried them out, his attacks could have caused considerable damage to both property and people at several Mosques.

– Detective Sergeant Matt Findell, of the North West Counter-Terrorism Unit

Terror plotter caught after researching bombs at work

Forman built bombs at his home in Birkenhead Credit: GMP

A Nazi-sympathiser who planned to blow up a number of mosques has been jailed for 10 years. Ian Forman plotted to attack mosques in Merseyside and had built a bomb at his home in Birkenhead.

Forman first came to the attention of police in April 2013 while he worked as a receptionist at Manisty, a glass recycling firm in Ellesmere Port.

Colleagues found that he had been researching chemicals and explosive substances on the internet during work hours - a clear breach of company policy.

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