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Shocking CCTV released of car being torched

Police have released shocking CCTV images of a car being set alight outside a house in Blackburn.

It happened on Blackthorn Close in the early hours of Friday morning.

Lancashire Police said that after this Peugeot was attacked, the offender also tried to torch an Audi nearby.

The offender made off on foot in the direction of Oak Street where it is thought he then travelled on a bicycle towards Whalley Range.

We believe that the cars were targeted and there isn’t thought to be a wider threat to the public. That said, this could have caused a lot more damage than just the destruction of the Peugeot car.

– DI Mark Gillibrand, Blackburn Police

Police are appealing for witnesses.

Cyber Crime: Victim's young daughter feared hackers would 'come out of the phone to grab her'

A phone seller from Blackburn says his daughter feared hackers would 'come out of the phone to grab her' after his mobile was hijacked.

Munir Ahmed lost thousands of pounds after criminals locked him out of his online account using his phone and spent thousands of pounds. It also gave the hackers access to his email, containing crucial identity documents.


Fire at Blackburn derelict site for third time in two months

The fire which broke out in the early hours of Sunday is the third fire at the site in two months Credit: Blackburn Fire

A fire has broken out at a derelict site in Blackburn for the third time in two months.

A fire previously broke out at the former V10 Polymers site on Patterson Street on the 28th September.

Fire crews say last night's fire was on a much smaller scale, but they believe it may have been started deliberately. Firefighters remain at the scene but no evacuations of nearby residents have taken place.

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