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Man arrested after 5 hour armed siege in Blackpool

Armed Seige Blackpool Credit: Bing

A man is being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder after a 5 hour armed siege in Blackpool.

Officers were called to a flat on Alexandra Road yesterday afternoon, to reports of a man with a weapon. The man gave himself up later that night. A woman was taken to hospital with head injuries a teenager and baby also inside were unhurt

Man arrested after five-hour 'armed siege' in Blackpool

A man has been arrested following a five-hour armed siege in Blackpool.

The 43-year-old was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, at around 9pm this evening in South Shore.

Armed police surrounded the flat on Alexandra Road and specialist officers had been negotiating with the man inside, who reportedly had a weapon.

He handed himself in after the stand off and is currently in custody.

A woman was taken to hospital with a minor head injury. A teenager and a toddler were also taken to hospital but were uninjured.

£100,000 reward offered in hunt for killer of Charlene

Charlene Downes,14, disappeared 11 years ago in Blackpool

Lancashire Police have confirmed tonight there is a new reward of £100,000 for information to catch the killer of 14-year-old Charlene Downes who disappeared in Blackpool 11 years ago. It's thought her disappearance was linked to child exploitation in the area. The reward money has come from the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire.

Police say people who may have been abused in Blackpool or other Lancashire towns at the time are grown up now and loyalties change. Charlene"s case was featured on Crimewatch and it's hoped vital new information could come to light.


What happened to Charlene? New reward in murder hunt.

Charlene Downes, 14, disappeared in Blackpool

Lancashire's largest and longest running murder investigation has a significant new reward on offer for information. Police are keen to hear from anyone with information about Charlene Downes from Blackpool who is believed to have been murdered over a decade ago. Detectives believe she was a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation.

We are hoping that this new reward put up by the Police and Crime Commissioner along with a fresh appeal will lead to members of the community in Blackpool coming forward with further information about what happened to her.

– Lancashire Police

CPS condemn 'chaotic lifestyle' of Sophie's parents

Michelle King was sentenced to six years and four months for manslaughter and one year and eight months for child cruelty. Barry Jones was sentenced to six years for manslaughter and two years for child cruelty.

This is a tragic case involving the death of a young child due to the gross negligence of her parents. Whilst they were supposed to be responsible for her care and wellbeing, they instead put her in direct danger with fatal consequences.

They showed utter disregard for her safety when they left Sophie unsupervised long enough for her to drink from a child’s cup which they were well aware contained methadone. The cup had been left in a place where she had easy access to it.

From the evidence that was gathered during the police investigation it is clear that due to the chaotic lifestyles of the defendants, and their frequent use of drugs, that this was a tragedy waiting to happen.

– Wendy Lloyd, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West

Baby Buddy phone app to help young mums in Blackpool

Baby Buddy for mobile phones

Vulnerable pregnant teenagers and young mums are being targeted with a new mobile phone app called Baby Buddy - an initiative backed by Blackpool Council, the Department of Health, Royal College of Midwives and other professional health bodies.

Piloted in Blackpool new Baby Buddy for young mums

Young mums are more likely to have premature babies, suffer from mental health problems and their babies are more likely to have learning difficulties. They are less likely to get reliable information about their pregnancy (eg the effect of alcohol on the foetus). The new Baby Buddy) ap is free and can be customised to suit the user.

It gives mums-to-be all the information they need to get them through a healthy pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding etc. It also addresses mental health - eg the signs to look out for which could mean post-natal depression.

It's being piloted in Blackpool and has been trialled by hundreds of pregnant women and health professionals. TV doctor, Dr Ranj Singh, says "this is the future of healthcare".

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