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Finance deal a 'boost' for Airbus workers in the North West, Osborne says

The giant Airbus Beluga at Broughton today. Credit: ITV News.

The Airbus factory near Chester is celebrating an historic finance deal that's led to the sale of an aircraft to China.

The arrangement between the UK and China was welcomed by Chancellor George Osborne on a visit to the Broughton, near Chester.

100,000 jobs around the UK rely on the success of Airbus, he said.

The Chancellor added that it's a "great example of how the Northern Powerhouse can grow in strength".

Airbus 'may reconsider' investment if UK leaves the EU

European aerospace giant Airbus, which has a factory in Broughton, has warned of job losses and "huge" economic risks if Britain votes to leave the European Union in a referendum to be held by 2017.

President of Airbus Group UK has warned about the possible consequences of leaving the EU. Credit: Press Association

A decision to quit the EU would raise doubts about Airbus's long-term future investments in the country, according to President of Airbus Group UK, Paul Kahn. Airbus employs 16,000 people in the UK.

He said:

"If after an exit from the European Union, economic conditions in Britain were less favourable for business than in other parts of Europe, or beyond; would Airbus reconsider future investment in the United Kingdom? Yes, absolutely".

– Paul Khan

Mr Kahn added that the long-term economic risks of a potential British exit were "huge".


Blackley and Broughton - Labour Hold

  • Graham Stringer (Lab) 22,982 (61.93%, +7.65%)
  • Martin Power (UKIP) 6,108 (16.46%, +13.84%)
  • Michelle Tanfield-Johnson (C) 5,581 (15.04%, -3.26%)
  • David Jones (Green) 1,567 (4.22%)
  • Richard Gadsden (LD) 874 (2.36%, -11.86%)
  • Lab maj 16,874 (45.47%)
  • 3.09% swing Lab to UKIP
  • Electorate 71,900; Turnout 37,112 (51.62%, +2.39%)
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Father's tribute to son killed in plane crash

Kaye Clark and Gary Vickers Credit: Gordon Vickers

The father of Gary Vickers who was killed in a plane crash on Friday in Broughton has paid tribute to him.

Gordon Vickers said: "The accident with my Son Gary has been a great loss. We extend our condolences to Kaye's family.

"We would like to thank everybody who has sent their condolences.

"Gary was flying from Paris to Hawarden with his partner Kay Clarke when the accident happened.

"He was without doubt a very accomplished Pilot. Very meticulous in his approach to Flying. We both started flying about 15 years ago."

Mr Vickers said flying was his son's passion, adding: "Sadly there is always a risk. It is very sad that two lives have ended this way. We would like to thank the emergency services at Hawarden for their prompt attendance."


New deal for Airbus announced

A multi-billion pound deal for Airbus, which makes wings for its aircraft at its factory at Broughton near Chester has just been announced.

Philippines Airlines is to buy fifty four of the company's planes in a deal worth £4.5billion.

Airbus employs more than 5,000 people at its Broughton site. It's thought the deal will significantly increase job security for the workforce.