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Video: Merseyside hospital tests new cancer vaccine

Wirral is to become the first place in the UK to test a new cancer vaccine.

Experts at The Clatterbridge Centre helped develop the drug to treat pancreatic cancer.

It can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments.

Pancreatic cancer is responsible for more than nine thousand deaths in the UK every year.

Our Merseyside Correspondent Andy Bonner reports:-


Three year old bounces back from cancer and meningitis

A three year old boy from Greater Manchester has an amazing story of survival that has astounded doctors.

Lucas Thorpe from Atherton was diagnosed with cancer when he was just a baby.

On top of that he contracted meningitis and almost lost all of his limbs in order to save his life.

But little Lucas has battled back and is thriving as Sarah Rogers reports.


Tumour imaging 'will save lives'

Imaging machine to look at tumours in greater detail Credit: University of Manchester

Millions of pounds are to be spent in Manchester developing new ways of tackling cancer. The funding will be used to improve imaging techniques helping doctors learn more about how tumours feed and grow.

Cancer Research UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research are together committing £35 million for five years to four separate cancer imaging centres across the country, including a joint centre between The University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge.

The imaging centre at The University of Manchester is part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, a partnership between the university, Cancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Images which will help diagnosis and treatment Credit: University of Manchester

Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice-President of The University of Manchester said: "This is an exciting development which will provide added value to our efforts in cancer research by investing in and linking the expertise and research resources in cancer imaging in Manchester and Cambridge.

"We can anticipate that it will, in due course, result in advances in cancer knowledge and cancer care that will save lives and benefit people in the North West, across the UK and worldwide."

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