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  1. Luke McDowell, ITV News

Man rushed to hospital after Cheadle hit and run

Map shows Cheadle High Street Credit: Google Maps

A man has been rushed to hospital after a hit and run at about 8pm Boxing Day on Cheadle High Street. Officers say the vehicle failed to stop.

He is said to have suffered severe head injuries and has been taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.

The road has been cordoned off and there is a large police presence.


Cheadle's bright green stream leaves locals perplexed

Credit: MEN Syndication

This is what happens when The Incredible Hulk Sneezes.That's the joke by residents in Cheadle, Stockport, after a stream in some picturesque contryside turned bright green.

This slimy green body of water is actually a stream in Cheadle. Dog walkers and residents were left puzzled when they came across the almost neon-coloured water on Adswood Park, off Councillor Lane, on Monday.

There were many suggestions by residents it came from a radioactive leak to something that came out of the Hulk’s nose.

But the mystery is something rather more straighforward. It is in fact a specialist dye purposely put in the stream by United Utilities.

A spokesman for company says they were contacted by the Environment Agency to help them trace the source of a pollution problem.

Credit: MEN Syndication

We were called on Monday afternoon by the Environment Agency because we have specialist equipment that can help trace where leaks and pollution issues are coming from. Our teams have used a non-toxic dye in which the Environment Agency officers will be able follow to where the source of the problem is. It’s non-harmful to wildlife and will clear within around 12 hours.

– United Utilities
Credit: MEN Syndication
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