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Thursday's weather through the NW

Skies over Whittle-le-Woods, Lancashire Credit: BRIAN FISHER

One or two isolated showers are still possible today, but for most places it will be a dry day with some sunshine.

Cloud will tend to bubble up for the middle part of the day, so perhaps bright around lunchtime rather than sunny.

Feeling more pleasant thanks to lighter winds, despite highs struggling to get to the seasonal average. 12C.

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Party leaders in the North West for final campaign day

The final day of campaigning for the 2015 election saw each of the leaders of the three main parties right here in the North West, an illustration of just how crucial the region is in this election.

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband were all targeting seats they believe could be criticial to the result when votes are cast tomorrow.

Our political reporter Daniel Hewitt was on the campaign trail with them.



  1. Daniel Hewitt

Spotlight on Heywood and Middleton

The election is almost upon us and the areas which could decide who gets into Number 10 are the marginals - the ones that could go any number of ways. In the last of our constituency profiles we've focussed on Heywood and Middleton. Once a safe northern seat for Labour, UKIP came within a few hundred votes of a by-election upset in October 2014.

  1. Ashley Derricott

Children dice with death on motorway

Two children risked their lives when they were filmed sitting on a crash barrier in the middle of one of our busiest motorways as cars speed past. Worried motorists dialled 999 after seeing them in the middle of the M56 - near where two boys were killed in 2007. Others saw the children - thought to be a boy and a girl in their early teens - sprinting across the carriageway near to some woods.

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