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Funeral of Salford's 'Mr Big'

Credit: Manchester Evening News

The funeral's taking place later of a man dubbed Salford's Mr Big. Paul Massey, who was 55 was shot at his home. He's served time in jail for a stabbing, but had also stood to be mayor of his home city.
Hundreds are expected at the funeral service at St Paul’s CE Church off Churchill Way near the estate where Paul Massey grew up.

Hillsborough lawyer uses personal tragedy to dispel suicide stigma

Around every two hours, someone takes their own life. In the UK, that means about 6,000 people make the decision every year.

The leading human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield QC has direct experience of this after his daughter Anna ended her life earlier this year.

Now Mr Mansfield, who represents families of some of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster at the inquests, is calling for the stigma and ignorance around suicide to be dispelled.

More on Michael Mansfield's support group 'SOS Silence of Suicide' can be found here:


One-week-old elephant calf enjoys a mud bath

Credit: Chester Zoo

One-week-old elephant, Nandita Hi Way, has been enjoying a mud bath at Chester Zoo.

The calf, along with five other members of her family, spent around half an hour slipping and sliding in the mud before mum wiped her eyes and ears with her trunk.

Andy Mckenzie, Chester Zoo’s team manager of elephants, said:

“Our new calf Nandita Hi Way is only a few days old but she’s wasted no time in diving in to enjoy a splash with the others. All of the family really look out for her, and mum Thi in particular is never far away - always there to lend a helping trunk should Nandita need a bit of mud wiping away from her eyes and ears.”

Misty mornings

Misty mornings a feature of our weather at the moment Credit: Andy Rothwell

Early risers will have noticed magical misty scenes recently. With showers by day and lengthening nights the moisture in the air cools and condenses forming mist.

No Pride in domestic abuse

Police are working with a national charity to raise awareness about domestic abuse in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Credit: Broken Rainbow

Posters like the one above featuring same sex couples and the strapline ‘there is no pride in domestic abuse’ will be shared across Greater Manchester and on social media. The aim is to make victims aware that support is available regardless of sexual orientation.

The campaign co-incides with Manchester Gay Pride 2015 Credit: pa

Lennon's piano goes on show

Credit: The Beatles Story

The last piano that John Lennon played goes on public display for the first time in the UK at the Beatles Story tourist attraction in Liverpool. Lennon’s piano is being unveiled by his sister, Julia Baird, at a press conference as part of the exhibition’s celebrations for International Beatle week.

John Lennon Credit: pa
John Lennon's piano Credit: The Beatles Story

Previously based in the United States and last played by the singer hours before his death in 1980, the piano will now be open to guests of the Beatles Story for the next three years.

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