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Natalie's special anniversary

  • For more information on organ donation in the UK visit the website here.

A woman who had a double lung transplant is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her operation.

Young mother Natalie Kerr, from Adlington in Lancashire, is marking the milestone with a party to raise funds for Wythenshawe Hospital. Its a thank you for the care she's received there.

She wants people to think about becoming donors and says she sees the five years since the transplant as a bonus for her and her two children Brandon and Isabelle.

Watch: Sheep get rescued after getting stuck in water

Credit: Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

A number of sheep were rescued by firefighters after they had got into difficulty in water at Lymm Dam in Cheshire.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service used a rope rescue unit and swift water rescue technicians used rafts to rescue the animals and bring them on to dry land.

Credit: Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

All the sheep were rescued safely and handed into the care of the farmer.


Hate crime soars to record levels after Brexit vote

Record levels of hate crime were reported by most police forces in England and Wales in the aftermath of last year's EU referendum according to new analysis. Greater Manchester was one of three forces that recorded more than a thousand incidents in the three months up to September 2016. Provisional figures on hate crimes published by the Home Office in October 2016 suggested that offences in July 2016 were 41% higher than in the previous year.

GMP recorded more than a thousand hate crime incidents in the 3 months after the Brexit vote Credit: pa

A human rights organisation has said the country should prepare for the possibility of further spikes in offences once the Brexit process has begun.

It is clear a small minority of people used the Brexit vote to legitimise inexcusable racism and prejudice. We cannot allow such intolerable acts of hate to be condoned or repeated.

– David Isaac, Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
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