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Critically endangered chicks hatch at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo keeper handles the very rare chick Credit: Chester Zoo

Some of the world’s rarest chicks have hatched at Chester Zoo.

The northern bald ibis chicks are classed by conservationists as being critically endangered, meaning they face an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in the wild.

Northern bald ibis is classed as being critically endangered. Credit: Chester Zoo

Lead keeper Steve Williams said: “Some consider to them to be one of the zoo’s uglier species but given that they’re so rare, we think they’re real beauties.”

New home at Chester Zoo for young lizards

Settling in. This Komodo Dragon is just six months old. Credit: Chester Zoo

The three Komodo dragons have moved into their new home at Chester Zoo after arriving from Colchester.

The six-month-old youngsters can now be seen in the zoo’s Islands in Danger exhibit, which is also home to two larger dragons Jantan and Ora.

Komodo Dragons will grow become some of the largest lizards in the world. Credit: Chester Zoo.

Curator of lower vertebrates and invertebrates Dr Gerardo Garcia said: “Our feisty new trio may be small at the moment but they’ll soon grow into impressive young ladies."

Chester Zoo. Credit: PA

Chester Zoo supports conservation work with Komodo dragons on Flores, one of the Indonesian isles where the species lives in the wild.

The project helps educate people about the importance of dragons, monitors dragon numbers, sets up warden patrols and protects the local environment which is home to a wealth of animal and plant life.


Plans of Chester's theatre, cinema and library revealed

Artist impression of the former shop units on Northgate Street brought back to life as a library

Details of Chester’s new theatre, library and cinema complex are being revealed in a public exhibition, which starts today.

For more information on the exhibitions, click here

Artist impression of 'cultural centre'

Members of the public will be able to view the plans which will see the former Odeon cinema on Northgate Street turned into a 'cultural centre'.


Rooney and Gerrard: Penguins named after footballers

A baby penguin weighting just 87 grams has hatched in Chester Zoo.

Rooney, named after England forward Wayne, was one of the first Humboldt penguins to hatch at the zoo this year.

The penguin keepers are naming this year’s clutch after past and present superstars of the football World Cup.

Chester Zoo funds a penguins conservation initiative Credit: Chester Zoo
A baby penguin makes its way out of the egg. Credit: Chester Zoo

Rooney has already been joined by Gerrard, named after current England captain Steven, Banks, after 1966 World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon, and Moore after 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby.

Baby Humboldt penguin Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo funds conservation initiatives in the penguins’ homeland to help them in their natural habitat, where they are faced with many pressures including over fishing of their food and habitat loss.


12 people treated after chemical incident in Flintshire

The Welsh Ambulance service say 12 people needed treatment after a chemical incident in Flintshire.

Two of those have been taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital.

We were called at 9.34am today, Wednesday April 9, to an incident at a commercial property on River Lane Industrial Estate, Saltney. We sent two rapid response vehicles and four emergency ambulances to the scene, where 12 people required treatment. Of the 12, two people have been taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital in a stable condition, two people have been discharged at scene and eight people remain at scene.

– Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson



Emergency services deal with chemical incident in Flintshire

Emergency services are currently dealing with a chemical incident at a factory in Saltney, Flintshire.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service believe that two cleaning agents have been mixed, which has released toxic vapour.

Thirteen people are believed to have inhaled the chemicals, and some have been taken to hospital for treatment.

Families of jailed ex-soldiers present their petition at Downing Street

The relatives of six former soldiers who've been jailed in India after protecting ships from pirates, took their campaign to Downing Street today.

Ray Tindall, from Chester, and Paul Towers, from Bootle, were among those providing security for ship crews, when they were arrested and charged with taking weapons into India's territorial waters.

Paul's father, Don Towers, called on the government to do more to secure the men's release.

Our correspondent Rob Smith reports.

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