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One-week-old elephant calf enjoys a mud bath

Credit: Chester Zoo

One-week-old elephant, Nandita Hi Way, has been enjoying a mud bath at Chester Zoo.

The calf, along with five other members of her family, spent around half an hour slipping and sliding in the mud before mum wiped her eyes and ears with her trunk.

Andy Mckenzie, Chester Zoo’s team manager of elephants, said:

“Our new calf Nandita Hi Way is only a few days old but she’s wasted no time in diving in to enjoy a splash with the others. All of the family really look out for her, and mum Thi in particular is never far away - always there to lend a helping trunk should Nandita need a bit of mud wiping away from her eyes and ears.”

Rare new animals at Chester Zoo opening

The Sundha Gharial crocodile Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is opening the UK's largest ever indoor zoo exhibit today.

The Monsoon Forest biggest indoor zoo exhibit in UK Credit: Chester Zoo

It's called Monsoon Forest and it's home to a number of animals and plant species that can be found in South East Asia.

Rhinoceros hornbill Credit: Chester Zoo
Sulawesi macaques Credit: Chester Zoo

It’s home to a number of animal and plant species that can be found in South East Asia - Sulawesi crested macaques, Sunda gharial crocodiles, tortoises, turtles, fish, hornbill, various inverts and tentacled snakes.

Tortoise Credit: Chester Zoo

Lots of the species are highly threatened in the wild so it’s trying to put a spotlight on endangered species in that part of the world. Chester Zoo is the only place in the UK where you can see many of them. It’s part of the zoo’s £40m Islands project

Another new resident at Chester Zoo Credit: Chester Zoo


Finance deal a 'boost' for Airbus workers in the North West, Osborne says

The giant Airbus Beluga at Broughton today. Credit: ITV News.

The Airbus factory near Chester is celebrating an historic finance deal that's led to the sale of an aircraft to China.

The arrangement between the UK and China was welcomed by Chancellor George Osborne on a visit to the Broughton, near Chester.

100,000 jobs around the UK rely on the success of Airbus, he said.

The Chancellor added that it's a "great example of how the Northern Powerhouse can grow in strength".

Timelapse construction of Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

Credit: Grosvenor Park

Amazing timelapse footage from the producers of Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre in Chester reveals the complete construction of the city’s unique open air theatre, which takes place for 9 weeks every summer.

The theatre was constructed in 2 weeks by a crew of 10 men. It is 4 metres in height and has an 80 metre radius. It has over 500 seats, 200 of which are covered by canopies to protect audiences from sun and rain.

It’s incredible to watch the theatre rise from the ground this way; it’s such a unique structure.

Over 25,000 people will visit the shows this summer, this films offers a different perspective to the experience.’

– Alex Clifton Artistic Director Chester Performs

The Wind in the Willows, Romeo and Juliet and the Merry Wives of Windsor are being performed until Sunday August 23rd.

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