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Protesters rally against closure of Chorley A&E

Thousands turned out in Chorley for a protest calling for the reopening of the town's accident and emergency unit on Saturday.

The hospital downgraded the A&E to an 'urgent care centre' in April due to a staff shortage.

Trust bosses say they hope to re-open the department by the end of the summer. Campaigners say they will keep pressure on the trust until that happens.


Chorley hospital bosses pledge to do 'everything possible' to get A&E reopened soon

Chorley Hospital was temporarily closed in April. Credit: Press Association.

Hospital bosses say they hope to reopen the accident and emergency department at Chorley Hospital by the end of August.

The A&E was temporarily closed in April because the Trust said there were not enough doctors to cover the service.

Since then there have been several protests by local residents and the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been heavily criticised.

The Trust say it is working tirelessly to secure the additional staff needed.

It said to continue the A&E service without enough doctors would be "negligent, and an unacceptable risk to patient safety".

"I’d like to assure everyone that our board is committed to reinstating the emergency department as soon as we have enough doctors to provide a safe and sustainable service, and we’re doing everything possible to make those appointments.”

– Karen Partington, Chief Executive of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals release statement on closure of Chorley and South Ribble A&E

NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, have said that the A&E department was closed temporarily on Monday because they were unable to staff the emergency department.

Hospital bosses said continuing to provide a service with not enough staff members posed an unacceptable risk to patient safety.

Three doctors have now been secured to fill half of the six staffing gaps.

Read the statement here:

The board, and all our staff, along with partner agencies, are absolutely committed to reinstating the emergency department at Chorley as soon as we have the sufficient staff to ensure we can provide a safe and sustainable service, and we are all working hard to make this happen.

We need at least 14 doctors to safely staff the departments across both hospitals, and currently have a gap of six.

Currently we have potentially secured three of the doctors we need, and there are further potential candidates we are actively pursuing.

Until we are in a position where we can reinstate the emergency department we are doing everything possible to make sure effective interim arrangements are in place so patients in both Chorley and Preston areas receive prompt and safe care - and those arrangements are currently working well.

– Stuart Heys, Chairman of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Council statement on Chorley and South Ribble hospital A&E closure

A statement on behalf of Chorley and South Ribble Councils on the continuing closure of the A&E unit has been issued.

The Councils say they are pressing for the unit to be re-opened as soon as possible.

Hospital bosses said earlier today that the closure of the unit was down to serious problems with staffing levels.

Read the statement here:

We are extremely concerned by the on-going closure of the A&E department at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital and are pressing for it to be re-opened urgently.

It affects residents and visitors to the area who will be faced with longer journey times or increased waiting times as more pressure is put on the services at the Royal Preston Hospital.

We want to see a clear action plan as to what will be done to re-open the department and a more definite timescale as to when this will be done.

We also want answers to the questions many people are asking about what the future holds for both Chorley and South Ribble and Preston hospitals.

If there is any consideration being given to closing the A&E service at the Chorley site permanently, then it is important the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust is upfront and outlines their plans for what the future could hold so we, and our residents, can provide our input.

Until this time, it is our view that the A&E service must continue to be provided at both sites to ensure residents get the best care possible in a timely manner.

– Statement on behalf of Chorley and South Ribble Councils

Amy Welch reports on Chorley Hospital A&E closure

The A and E Department at Chorley Hospital is closing due to a shortage of staff.

It will close on Monday due to a lack of doctors and will operate as an Urgent Care Centre until the issue is resolved. Accident and Emergency Services will be provided in other nearby hospitals.The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust says that it will try to reinstate A and E as soon as possible.

NWAS statement on Chorley Hospital A&E closure

NWAS are hoping to 'mitigate' the closure of Chorley's A&E department Credit: NWAS

North West Ambulance Service has said it is working with hospital services by adding additional ambulances to 'mitigate' the closure of Chorley Hospital's A&E department.

Peter Mulcahy, Head of Service at North West Ambulance Service said:

We are working with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and Chorley and South Ribble Clinical Commissioning group to mitigate the impact of this measure which will see ambulances travelling to other hospitals such as Preston, Wigan, Blackburn and Bolton instead of Chorley.

To support this, we are planning, in conjunction with our partners, to have additional ambulances available to support changes in how we deliver both our emergency service and inter hospital transfer service.

In essence, many of our patients do not need emergency care and could get more appropriate treatment elsewhere, so in the first instance consider alternatives to 999 such as pharmacies, GPs, walk-in centres, self-care or NHS 111.

Patients who call 999 and receive a response from the ambulance service will be assessed by our highly skilled clinicians who will agree upon the best plan for their care; this will include the decision on which treatment centre is best for their needs.

We currently take many of our patients to urgent care centres (UCCs) across the North West. Chorley will provide this service during designated hours and as such we will still take some patients to Chorley.”

– Peter Mulcahy

The Voice 2016 winner talks to Victoria Grimes

Kevin Simm talks about his amazing win Credit: ITV

A blast from the past was given a second chance this weekend because of his amazing voice.

Kevin Simm shot to stardom with the band Liberty X, and now he's back in the limelight again.

The 35 year old won the TV talent show The Voice at the weekend. It means a 100-thousand pound record deal.

Today Kevin was talking to Victoria Grimes:

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