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Knowsley residents hardest hit by cuts

The most deprived English councils have suffered the biggest cuts in spending power and most of them are in our region. Nine of the ten poorest and hardest councils are here in the North West.

Manchester tops the table but Knowsley has lost the most with £403.86 less per person to spend that they did in 2011. The league table was produced by researchers at the House of Common.

Manchester, Liverpool, Barrow and Salford all came in the top five councils experiencing the largest cuts to their funding at the same time as having some of the poorest health.

Labour claim the greatest cuts are in areas with the highest numbers of older people living with disabilities but the government says they've been fair.

Cumbria Council to shed 1800 jobs to save £83 million

Cumbria County Council is trying to save nearly 83 million pounds over the next three years - that means it wants to lose 18 hundred jobs. As Tim Backshall reports, there's a warning that services will be affected:


Decision day for Wirral day-centre closure

Campaigners fight to keep centres open

Campaigners fighting for the future of day-centres for adults with disabilities in Wirral will plead with the council today to keep them open.

Wirral council is planning to shut either Moreton, Heswall or Eastham day-centre as part of a package of measures aimed to saving almost 40 million pounds.

A final decision is due to be made at a meeting later.