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Spotlight on Warrington South

In our continuing look at the region's key marginals Ann O'Connor goes to Warrington South where it's all to play for in a seat where the Conservatives have a slim majority

Here's the full list of candidates for the Warrington South seat in the General Election 2015

  • Bob Barr Liberal Democrat
  • Kevin Bennett TUSC
  • Nick Bent Labour
  • Stephanie Davies, Green
  • Mal Lingley UKIP
  • David Mowat Conservative

Special election profile - Chester

The City of Chester has played host to the Romans, the Vikings and the Normans - all of whom fought for and claimed the city as their own. Today, a very different fight is taking place. The Conservative Party won the seat from Labour at the 2010 General Election. Both parties have made winning this time a top priority. Our political reporter Daniel Hewitt has been to visit this key battleground constituency.

Full list of candidates for City of Chester Constituency Credit: GTV



Details of spectacular cruise ship show revealed

Details of a fantastic water ballet performed by cruise ships on the Mersey have been revealed.

Cunard's Three Queens will salute Liverpool between May 24th and 26th.

It will mark the 175th anniversary of the famous cruise line.

Every year Liverpool puts on a spectacular show which gets everyone talking and generates millions for the local economy.

Three Queens Credit: Cunard


Saturday 23 May

10pm – Amazing Graces – state-of-the-art projections on the Three Graces exploring the spirit of Liverpool.

Sunday 24 May

9am – Queen Mary 2 arrives in the city and berths at Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal. 10pm – Amazing Graces projections. 10.30pm – Firework display.

Monday 25 May

10.45am – Queen Mary 2 leaves the berth to greet her two sisters at Brazil Buoy (on the river between Crosby Beach and New Brighton). 12pm to 2pm – Three Queens meet and sail in formation south towards the Liverpool Echo Arena, and then north along the Mersey. 2.10pm – Queen Mary 2 leaves the city, Queen Elizabeth berths at the Cruise Liner Terminal and Queen Victoria anchors in the middle of the Mersey. 10pm – Amazing Graces projections 10.30pm – Firework display,after which Queen Elizabeth leaves the city and Queen Victoria berths at the Cruise Liner Terminal

Tuesday 26 May

4.30pm – A special musical sail-away performance to say goodbye to Queen Victoria 5pm – Queen Victoria sails out of the city.

Up-to-date details can also be found at

  1. Daniel Hewitt, ITV News

It's the battle for Number 11: The men who want to be the next chancellor campaign in the North West

With just two weeks left of the General Election campaign and here in the North West we're getting a lot of attention from the country's most powerful politicians.

This region will play a big part in who wins this year's Election - and today it was the turn of the money men to try and win over voters.

Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt reports:

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