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Brushing up on dental hygiene

Thousands of children across the North West are receiving special dental hygiene lessons after a report found a third of five year olds suffer from tooth decay.

In some parts of the region that figure is as high as 50%.

Its thought high levels of sugar in children's diets are to blame.

Dr Ben Atkins, from the Oral Health Foundation says information is available for parents who need it.



  1. ITV News Correspondent Elaine Willcox

EXCLUSIVE Baroness Newlove says Victims' Law is long overdue

Victims are still being 'forgotten and ignored' by the criminal justice system.

That's the view of the Victims' Commissioner, Baroness Helen Newlove who is calling for better rights and practical help for those who've suffered a crime.

In an exclusive interview with Elaine Willcox she's gone back to the area where her husband was murdered.

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