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  1. Paul Crone, ITV News

Extraordinary photos that give a glimpse into the hidden histories of the North West

There's no shortage of history on our doorstep in our region.

Maybe someone famous was born on your street? Or your town has a rich industrial heritage that's been forgotten as the years have passed.

Paul Crone has been delving into the life of a soldier from the Wirral who always had his camera with him, even on the battlefields of France in the First World War.

  1. Sarah Rogers, ITV News

Hospital's vision for improving the lives of those with Motor Neurone Disease

There are calls tonight to improve the care of people with Motor Neurone Disease.

The condition kills a third of people who have it within a year.

Very little is known about the muscle wasting condition but a major research project has started in Liverpool, at the Walton Centre for Neurology.

It's focussing on the quality of life for patients.

What is known is that it robs people of their ability to perform basic functions like eating and walking, although the mind is still alert.

MPs are debating the issue in the House of Commons this evening and patients have been speaking about their experiences to Sarah Rogers.

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