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INTERVIEW: Ed Miliband on the battle for the North West

It's been the first full day of official campaigning for next month's general election.

And highlighting the importance of the North West, the first visit of a party leader.

Ed Miliband's been in Manchester with Labour's battle bus, putting Labour's policy on the economy out there.

Mr Miliband came into our studio a short while ago and I asked him about new figure showing families are better off now than they were in 2010

VIDEO: Miliband calls Cameron's Downing Street address an "unprecedented attack"

Labour leader Ed Miliband has described David Cameron's reference to him in a speech in Downing Street yesterday as an "unprecedented attack".

After returning from Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister told the gathering press "in 38 days’ time you face a stark choice. The next prime minister walking through that door will be me or Ed Miliband."

Speaking to Granada Reports on the first full day of campaigning, the Labour leader said he expected Mr Cameron to "attack" him throughout the campaign.


Man charged over Burnley child abduction

Khan is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates later this morning. Credit: ITV News.

A man has been charged with the abduction of a six-year-old girl in Burnley.

Imran Khan, 33 of Pendle Street, Accrington has been charged with taking a child under the Child Abduction Act, breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Lancashire Police launched a manhunt after the girl was taken in a car on Thursday afternoon.

She was then dropped off 30 minutes later, three miles away and police were alerted.

Khan is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates later this morning.

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