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  1. Rachel Townsend, ITV News

The new research taking place in Manchester that could make scars a thing of the past

Scientists at work in Manchester. Credit: ITV News.

It's been described as-important as the discovery of antibiotics - a bold claim, but scientists in Manchester believe they'll be able to eradicate human scarring within a generation.

Doctors will use a mixture of modern medicine and stem cells to ensure patients no longer will be left with permanent scarring.

Rachel Townsend has been talking to some of those involved:

  1. Elaine Willcox, ITV News

Ian Dollery's family describe his killer as 'a time bomb waiting to happen'

Ian Dollery and his wife Andrea. Credit: Lancashire Police.

Ian Dollery has been described as kind and compassionate, his widow and children say they miss him every second of ever day.

He was killed by Robert Kay, who has schizophrenia.

Mr Dollery's family say chances to diagnose his illness were missed time and time again.

Elaine Willcox reports:

Tony and Lucy also spoke to Julian Hendy whose father was stabbed by a man with a history of mental issues.

He's set up a website, Hundred Families, offering support and information:

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