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Mum-of-three missing after Hajj crush not involved in stampede

A mother-of-three from Manchester, who went missing after the crush at Hajj, was not involved in the stampede.

Naheed Kausar Ali, who is 47, is said to have suffered a sun stroke and became separated from the group of pilgrims she was with.

She was last seen at 11:45am local time just before entering a tunnel in Makkah.

The school where Naheed had been working since September said students and staff were praying for her safe return.


  1. Caroline Whitmore, ITV News

Newcomers set to cause a stir on the Corrie cobbles

The new additions to the Connor family hit screens on Monday. Credit: ITV Studios.

For nine years now the Connor clan have caused havoc on Coronation Street, now it's time for new life to be breathed into this family unit as Johnny and Kate burst onto the scene on Monday.

We have already seen the recent arrival of Aidan Connor played by Shayne Ward who we first saw on screen in August.

He invested in Carla's underwear factory Underworld but wasn't exactly truthful where his funds had come from.

Carla soon realises this when Aidan's dad Johnny (played by Prime suspect actor Richard Hawley) and his sister Kate (played by Faye Brookes) start taking an interest in Carla's books.

Johnny is a self made businessman who has been in the rag trade for years and despite being a lover of family he's certainly no pushover.

Aidan's sister Kate is mischievous but passionate about family.

She joins the street engaged to female soldier Caz.

Kate is played by theatre actress Faye Brookes who you may recognise from Legally Blonde or Shrek the musical.

Faye's a local girl from Urmston so landing the corrie role is like her dream job on her doorstep.

Faye is currently dating Pop Idol runner up Gareth Gates and can be seen on screen alongside Richard Hawley in Coronation Street from Monday, October 5.

Shayne Ward, Faye Brookes and Richard Hawley. Credit: ITV Studios

Hillsborough victims 'wanted to turn around' when they saw how many people were in the pens

Hillsborough victim Nick Joynes was 27 when he died.

Two men who died in the Hillsborough disaster wanted to turn around because there were too many people in the pens, a court has heard.

Francis McAllister and Nick Joynes, both 27, met each other whilst travelling to the Sheffield Wednesday stadium in 1989.

Francis' brother-in-law Robert Thomas, who was part of the group of seven to enter the ground together, told their inquests today they got caught in a surge of people in the central tunnel after police encouraged them through an exit gate.

"Nicky just said ‘Get to pen 1 and we’ll see you both there.’ That was the last conversation we had with both... They were definitely hoping to come back. They said they would meet me on the other side as soon as they could get out of this," Mr Thomas said.

The court heard Mr McAllister had swapped his ticket before the match so that he could stand on the Leppings Lane terrace.

Francis McAllister was originally from Liverpool but had been working as a fireman in London when he died at the disaster.


Crash victim wants roller coaster ride to stay closed

Vicky Balch, from Leyland, was one of four people seriously injured on the Smiler ride in June when their carriage smashed into an empty test vehicle.

Despite five operations, the 25-year-old had her leg amputated as a result of the crash.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain on ITV, Vicky said the theme park should delay the opening of the ride out of respect for both herself and other victims.

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