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  1. Rachel Townsend, ITV News

The new research taking place in Manchester that could make scars a thing of the past

Scientists at work in Manchester. Credit: ITV News.

It's been described as-important as the discovery of antibiotics - a bold claim, but scientists in Manchester believe they'll be able to eradicate human scarring within a generation.

Doctors will use a mixture of modern medicine and stem cells to ensure patients no longer will be left with permanent scarring.

Rachel Townsend has been talking to some of those involved:


  1. Elaine Willcox, ITV News

Ian Dollery's family describe his killer as 'a time bomb waiting to happen'

Ian Dollery and his wife Andrea. Credit: Lancashire Police.

Ian Dollery has been described as kind and compassionate, his widow and children say they miss him every second of ever day.

He was killed by Robert Kay, who has schizophrenia.

Mr Dollery's family say chances to diagnose his illness were missed time and time again.

Elaine Willcox reports:

Tony and Lucy also spoke to Julian Hendy whose father was stabbed by a man with a history of mental issues.

He's set up a website, Hundred Families, offering support and information:

MPs approve plans for four new Trident nuclear submarines

HMS Vanguard Credit: PA

MPs have voted to approve a motion to renew Trident, the UK's nuclear deterrent.

472 MPs voted in favour of the plans while 117 voted against the motion to replace the four Vanguard class submarines with four new submarines which have been codenamed 'Successor'.

Production of the £40 billion fleet of submarines will take place in Cumbria at the BAE Systems plant in Barrow where 8,000 people are employed.


  1. Amy Welch, ITV News

MPs vote on the future of Trident - 8,000 Barrow jobs depend on it

The previous generation of Trident, HMS Vengeance, being rolled out at Barrow Shipyard in 1998. Credit: Press Association.

Barrow is waiting for a vote in Parliament to decide its future as part of the UK's nuclear defence programme.

Almost 8,000 people work at the BAe plant in Cumbria - most of them on the Vanguard-class submarines which carry Trident nuclear missiles.

MPs will vote on whether the UK Government goes ahead with spending up to £50bn on a fleet of new subs codenamed Successor.

  • Granada Reports correspondent Amy Welch looks at what the industry means to the region:
  1. Mel Barham, ITV News

Why boys are falling so far behind girls at school, and why it's worse in St Helens

The statistics which show the extent of St Helens' gender gap. Credit: ITV News.

St Helens has the biggest education gender gap in the country, according to a new report.

It found 31% of boys in schools in the borough do not meet the required standard of early language skills, compared with 14% of girls.

The report by Save The Children says St Helens has the largest disparity in the UK.

  • Watch Granada Reports correspondent Mel Barham's full report:
  • Claire Read told Granada Reports' Andy Bonner why the gender pay gap is so big:
  1. National

Corbyn questions the effectiveness of nuclear deterrent

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the effectiveness of Trident, as MPs prepare to vote on renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Speaking in the Commons, he said: "What is the threat that we are facing that over a million people's deaths actually deters?

"It's not from the so-called Islamic State - their poisonous death cult glories in killing as many people as possible, as we've seen brutally in Syria, to east Africa, from France to Turkey.

"It hasn't deterred our ally, Saudi Arabia, from committing dreadful acts in the Yemen. It didn't stop Saddam Hussein's atrocities in the 1980s or the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. It didn't deter the war crimes in the Balkans in the 1990s, nor the genocide in Rwanda.

"I do not believe the threat of mass murder is a legitimate to go about dealing with international relations."

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