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  1. Daniel Hewitt

Plans for pharmaceutical powerhouse in Cumbria abandoned

A £350m investment in a pharmaceutical plant in Cumbria was the cornerstone of the Conservative government's 2012 budget. Then Prime Minster David Cameron even came to Ulverston to herald the plan a great success.

Tonight that plan lies in ruins. Glaxo Smith Kline have pulled the plug on the investment, and are now looking at selling the site which makes anti-biotics. Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt reports.


Flod barrier testing to take place in Cumbria

Credit: Environment Agency

Environment Agency teams will be conducting an exercise in Kendal later today, to test the deployment of temporary flood barriers, which could be deployed prior to a flood to help protect people and properties in Kendal.

The agency say it's committed to reducing flood risk in communities across Cumbria, and this exercise will help test the deployment of flood barriers along Busher Walk, Kendal.

It comes after thousands of people were misplaced and hundreds of properties destroyed after Storm Desmond hit the region in December 2015.

Busher Walk is one of nine locations in the town where we are investigating the use of a temporary barrier. If all locations are found to be suitable, these barriers could help reduce the risk of flooding to 500 or more properties in total across Kendal.

Nationally there is a total of 40km of temporary barriers, and 250 high volume pumps, stored around the country. The barriers can be transported quickly to locations when they are needed to reduce the impact of flooding to homes and businesses.

This exercise will allow Environment Agency staff to practice and test our barrier deployment plan for Busher Walk, gaining valuable training experience as well as the opportunity to identify ways in which we can further refine our plans. This in turn will enable us to better respond during floods.

Flood barrier tests

Credit: itv

The Environment Agency will be testing temporary flood barriers in Kendal later.

The barriers, which could be deployed prior to a flood, have the potential to protect 500 properties in the area.

It's hoped the exercise will enable better response during flooding

Protest at planned power plant

More than a thousand people have signed a petition to stop plans for a gas power plant near Old Hutton, in Cumbria..

Developer, Stratera Energy, says the site is ideally located next to a substation and could provide much needed electricity, but local people say it's in the wrong place. Chris Nelson is from the action group Stop Old Hutton Power Station.

Calls for new law to protect victims of crime

There are calls for a new law to make sure that people affected by crime are remembered when it matters. It comes from Baroness Newlove - her husband Garry was murdered by a three teenagers who he confronted vandalising his car in Warrington ten years ago.

The Victim's Commissioner has told ITV News the time has come for the Government to introduce a core set of rights for those who find their lives turned upside down by the criminal acts of others.

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