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Greater Manchester's top cop says force is 'reviewing' officer deployments after London terror attack

Greater Manchester's Chief Constable Ian Hopkins says the force is ''reviewing with immediate effect officer deployments across the region'' after the terror attack in London.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins Credit: PA Pictures

He said: “I wish to extend the thoughts and sympathy of all at Greater Manchester Police to the families of the Metropolitan Officer and people murdered during the terrorist attack in London this afternoon.

“Police officers recognise the risks to themselves in undertaking their role to protect fellow citizens. Despite the knowledge of the risk we face, it is absolutely shocking when an officer carrying out their public duty is murdered in this way.''

– Ian Hopkins, Greater Manchester Police


Lancashire student caught up in terror incident in London

A Lancashire MP says a student from Darwen has caught up in the terror incident on Westminster Bridge in London.

Jake Berry the MP for Rossendale and Darwen is locked in an office in Parliament due to the terror incident in Westminster.

Raising awareness of a deadly infection

Madison Barclay died at two days old Credit: family photo

A grieving couple are trying to raise awareness about a condition which kills a newborn baby every single day. Mel and Andy Barclay from Rochdale lost their daughter Madison in 2012 to Group B Strep. She was just two days old. Now there's a call for screening for all pregnant women between 35 and 37 weeks to pick up early signs of the infection.


Watch again: The Granada Debate on Metro Mayors

In seven weeks time the North West will have two Metro Mayors. But does anybody really know what that the job means, and do we actually need them?

Joining Alison Mackenzie in Westminster were David Rutley, the Conservative MP for Macclesfield; Debbie Abrahams, shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and labour MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth; and Jack Hunter from the Institute of Public Policy Research North.

Where is the best place to live in the NW?

This is one story that may cause some controversy - where is the best place to live in the North West? Well according to the Sunday Times its Knutsford in Cheshire.

Acacia Avenue, Knutsford Credit: pa

Judges on the panel used a wide range of criteria including jobs, exam results and broadband speed, community spirit and local shops and culture.

Perhaps in a move to keep the good people of our region happy, a number of other areas of the north west were also voted as among the best places to live in Britain. Here are some of them in no particular order.

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Labour Leader - elections should be re-run if wrong doing is found in Tory expenses row

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been at a social enterprise in Lancaster today to highlight social care cuts.

Elaine Willcox went along to find out more.

But began by asking him about the Conservative expenses row and whether he would call for new by-elections, if the law has been broken.

  1. Matt O'Donoghue, ITV News

Who paid for the battle bus? Three North West MPs could be under investigation over expenses

The Conservative Party's election 'battle bus'. Credit: ::

As many as three North West MPs could be part of the investigation into expenses related to the Conservative party's election 'battle bus'.

Tonight the Hazel Grove MP WIlliam Wragg confirmed to Granada Reports his name has been passed to the crown prosecution service.

This report from our correspondent Matt O'Donoghue:

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was at a social enterprise in Lancaster today to highlight social care cuts.

Elaine began by asking him about expenses and whether he'd call for new by elections, if the law has been broken:

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