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Olympian backs new "Think Bikes" campaign

80% of drivers say it's hard to spot cyclists and motorbikes Credit: Automobile Association

Cheshire's Olympic cycling champion, Chris Boardman is backing a new campaign calling on drivers to "Think Bikes".

New figures from the AA say more than 80% of drivers say they have trouble spotting cyclists and motorcyclists.

More than half are often ‘surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere’.

The "Think Bike" campaign has government support Credit: PA

Chris Boardman, a world time trial champion in 1994, is British Cycling's policy adviser and backing the AA's campaign.

He said "This is a welcome step in creating a culture of mutual respect between all road users."

He went on "We know that cyclists and drivers are often the same people – nine out of 10 British Cycling members also drive a car. This sticker campaign reflects the importance of looking out for everyone on the road, regardless of what form of transport they use."


British Cycling's ten-point plan

British Cycling has announced its ten-point plan as it aims "to transform Britain into a cycling nation".

  • Cycle-proofing
  • Meaningful consistent level of investment
  • Consistent political leadership
  • Cycling safety on the driving test
  • Strengthen cycling safety in the Highway Code
  • Road and cycle safety awareness
  • Reducing risk to cyclists from HGVs
  • Cycle training available for all children
  • Reduce speed limits


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